Migrate Public Folders Between Office 365 Tenants

Following mergers or acquisitions, numerous Office 365 organizations seek to establish a unified Office 365 environment encompassing the entire organization. This necessitates the seamless migration of all data, including mailboxes, public folders, and more, from one tenant to another. Undertaking this task manually proves to be challenging and impractical, often leading to a multitude of issues for users who opt for native solutions.

In this context, we highly recommend Kernel Office 365 Migration tool as a comprehensive solution. This tool simplifies the process of migrating Office 365 user mailboxes, archived mailboxes, and public folders to a different Office 365 tenant with ease. It streamlines various migration tasks, including the following:

  • Office 365/on-premises Exchange/hosted Exchange to Office 365 migration
  • Office 365 to Office 365/on-premises Exchange/hosted Exchange migrations

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Here, our focus is on the public folder data migration between two Office 365 tenants. Get Kernel Office 365 Migration tool on your system and perform these steps.

  1. Open the application. To add the source Office 365 account, go to Add Source section and click Add. Add Source section and click Add
  2. Enter the Office 365 global administrator credentials, choose the Single mailbox option, Assign Impersonation Rights…, if you want to assign these rights to the user account. Then, click Add. click Add
  3. Your source Office 365 account will get and added. Now add the destination Office 365 account by clicking on Add option. clicking on Add option
  4. Just like the source, add the destination account credentials, select the option, and click Add. click Add
  5. Now map the added source Office 365 mailbox to the destination Office 365 mailbox and click Set Filter and Migrate tab. click Set Filter and Migrate tab
  6. On the Migrate Type Selection page, select public folder option against the source and destination mailboxes. Then click Migrate option. click Migrate option.
  7. Add filters as per the requirement. You can include or exclude the folders, apply date range filter, and use other options for selective data migration. Once done, click I am OK, Start Migration. click I am OK, Start Migration
  8. The migration of data between public folders will get started, and you can view the progress. can view the progress
  9. The migration will take some time and gets completed with a pop-up message. You can save the migration report to CSV file if needed. can save the migration report

As a result, migrating public folders between Office 365 accounts becomes a straightforward process with this advanced tool. Additionally, you can also explore other migration options mentioned earlier using this versatile tool.

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  1. Migration between two Office 36 tenants has become so much easy that we are migrating all the public folder data to another tenant using this tool.

  1. Ron

    When we were following the manual techniques using the shell scripts, there were many problems that we were facing constantly. But this tool has reduced those problems to none.

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