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How to Purchase and Activate the Kernel G Suite Backup Tool?

The G Suite cloud platform offers increased flexibility for utilizing Google applications in your business operations. This enhances collaborative efforts within your team and provides ample storage space for securely storing various types of data. However, given the potential risks associated with cloud data, such as hacking, data breaches, accidental or deliberate data loss, it is Read more

How to Migrate Google Chats to Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is the central place for communication in Microsoft 365, where all the important messaging between the members happens. If you can import your Google Chats message into Teams, then it will ensure a two-fold increase in your productivity. Google Chats is a messaging service with a Workspace subscription, and it has a threaded appearance for sending and receiving messages like Read more

G Suite to Office 365 Migration – Some Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers

G Suite (now known as Google Workspace) is a cloud platform from Google for enterprises. The users can enable various application APIs and access them in their accounts. When users want to unsubscribe from G Suite and adopt a more business-friendly platform, i.e., Microsoft 365, they wish to migrate their G Suite data. As the environment is different, then users look for safe Read more