How to Migrate Google Chats to Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is the central place for communication in Microsoft 365, where all the important messaging between the members happens. If you can import your Google Chats message into Teams, then it will ensure a two-fold increase in your productivity. Google Chats is a messaging service with a Workspace subscription, and it has a threaded appearance for sending and receiving messages like a Team. So, it is easier to adopt the new platform if the migration is done successfully. Manually, there is no technique to move chats from Google to Teams directly. So, we may have to use a third-party tool for the migration.

How different are Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Groups?

It can be difficult to tell where Microsoft Teams ends and Microsoft Groups starts. Although the two applications complement one another, you must be aware of several key differences in order to use them effectively and move Chats. As previously indicated, the two services must be viewed as complementary rather than viewing Teams as a replacement for Groups. Teams adds to the capabilities that Groups offer.

  • Teams is designed for internal cooperation and, at this time, do not support external sharing, whereas Groups support the inclusion of external participants.
  • Teams places a higher priority on security and always requires multi-factor authentication to access the system. Because of this secrecy, it is impossible to search for different Teams, which might lead to the creation of duplicates.
  • In contrast, Groups can be identified simply from Office 365.
  • Conversely, only Teams has access to chat, Wiki, Channels, business-to-Skype connection, and the selective enabling and disabling of services/workloads.
  • The conversation function in Teams is the primary distinction between the two. This positions Teams as the communicative component and the greatest choice for communication among members.
  • The Teams App is available in the Microsoft, Google, and Apple app stores.

Migrate Google Chats to MS Teams (Groups) Using Kernel G Suite to Office 365

Due to the absence of a manual method for migration between two platforms, you must use Kernel G Suite to Office 365 software and move chats. There is a detailed overview of migration in the following lines-

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  1. The Home screen of the software shows both the source and destination sections. Click the Add button. Input a project name
  2. Enter the necessary details for the G Suite accounts. Account Login Email ID, Service Account Email, and P12 File Path. Then, select the option, ‘List all mailboxes using the above credentials.’ Also, click Get User Mailboxes. Now, use the checkboxes to select source G Suite accounts. Finally, click the Add button. Input a project name
  3. After selecting the source, click the Add button in the destination. Input a project name
  4. The software shows two login methods – Basic Authentication and Modern Authentication. You can choose anyone and click OK. Input a project name
  5. In the example, we have used Basic Authentication as the login method for Office 365 account. Provide the required details like Exchange Server name, Mailbox Login ID, and Password. Then, use the second option to select multiple mailboxes and use the special button ‘Get Groups. Input a project name
  6. Select the necessary Office 365 accounts where you require to migrate the chats. Click OK. Input a project name
  7. In both source and destination, you should use the dropdown list to complete the mapping between accounts. Input a project name
  8. Click the Set Filter and Migration option. Input a project name
  9. The next wizard lets you select the various components like the primary mailbox, archive mailbox, and public folder. Then, click Migrate. Input a project name
  10. The Filter page is important; you must deselect all folders and only check the Chat folder. Also, do not forget to click the checkbox ‘Select if migrating to Office 365 Groups.’ At last, click I am OK, Start Migration. Input a project name
  11. Use the checkbox in the new wizard while migrating to Office 365 Groups. Click OK. Input a project name
  12. Migration of the Chat folder will complete quickly due to the faster algorithm of the software. Finally, click OK. Input a project name


You can migrate all the chats of G Suite accounts to Office 365 Groups. It is a simple procedure using Kernel G Suite to Office 365 software. And there is additional support for migrating user mailboxes and public folders. So, this is the best tool to migrate G Suite to Office 365.

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