How to Purchase and Activate the Kernel G Suite Backup Tool?

The G Suite cloud platform offers increased flexibility for utilizing Google applications in your business operations. This enhances collaborative efforts within your team and provides ample storage space for securely storing various types of data. However, given the potential risks associated with cloud data, such as hacking, data breaches, accidental or deliberate data loss, it is advisable to maintain backups of your G Suite data. Opting for professional backup services may incur significant costs, so a more cost-effective approach is to use the Kernel G Suite Backup tool. The full version of this tool allows you to perform unlimited backups whenever needed, covering a range of Google applications including Gmail, Google Drive, Contacts, Calendar, and more. This software ensures a hassle-free process of saving files to your preferred location.

Why Taking the Backup of the G Suite Account is Necessary?

  • G Suite does not provide a comprehensive professional backup solution for your data.
  • Conserves valuable storage capacity within Google Drive.
  • Protects G Suite data from ransomware threats.
  • Guarantees data accessibility throughout migrations and the consolidation of accounts.
  • Assists in fulfilling compliance and legal obligations.
  • Assists in segregating older and non-critical data for preservation.

After knowing the importance of backup of the G Suite data, you should know that the full version of the Kernel G Suite Backup tool is essential to back up the complete G Suite data. If you're currently using the trial version, it's advisable to consider upgrading to the full version for a more comprehensive experience.

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Kernel G Suite Backup – The Trial Version and its Limitations

The trial version of the software closely mirrors the full version in terms of its user interface and features, maintaining consistency in this regard. However, there are limitations in the trial version, such as the ability to back up a maximum of 10 items per folder. Specifically for Google Drive, it permits the backup of only 5 documents per drive. Nevertheless, the trial version serves as a valuable tool for familiarizing users with its features and functionality.

To unlock the full potential of G Suite and eliminate the limitations of the trial version, you can enhance your experience by obtaining a license through purchase. This will enable you to back up the complete G Suite data seamlessly.

Kernel G Suite Backup Tool – How to Activate It?

To activate the Kernel G Suite Backup tool, you should first go to the official website and follow the steps below to purchase the license –

  1. On the product page, click the Buy Now button. click the Buy Now button OR If you are having the trial version of the software, you can click the Buy Online option on its interface. click the Buy Online option on its interface.
  2. You'll find various licensing choices on the Buy page, tailored to the number of mailboxes you require. Simply select the license that best matches your needs. You can purchase a suitable license as per your needs
  3. You will receive the legitimate software credentials, enabling you to swiftly activate the software in just minutes, even if you're starting from the trial version. activation can be done from the trial version of the software
  4. Please enter the credentials for the tool you received upon purchasing the license, and then click the "Proceed for Activation" button. Click Proceed for Activation button now
  5. Click Get Activation Code button. Click Get Activation Code button.
  6. Copy the Key that is shown in the textbox. Copy the Key that is shown in the textbox
  7. Put the code in the Serial Key Field and then click Activate Now button. click Activate Now button
  8. Ultimately, the tool will undergo an upgrade to its complete version, and you will observe the removal of the trial version's limitations. the tool will be upgraded to its full version

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