Import MBOX to Yahoo- All You Need to Know

Email has become an integral part of the internal and external communication in an organizational environment. This rise in the fame of email communication has caused an up rise in the existence of multiple email clients. These various email clients are well-endowed with different features because of which users tend to use them. People sift from one email client to another due to these features. In our present write-up, we wish to shed light upon the process to import MBOX to Yahoo. Also, we talk about the Kernel MBOX to PST converter tool that helps in importing MBOX files to Yahoo.

This MBOX file converter tool lets you get migrate the emails from MBOX emails clients to Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook,, etc. Due to the easy interface and advanced filters, the conversion procedure is easy.

Yahoo- What’s the Difference?

Just stating, the difference lies between their natures. While MBOX is a standard file format which organizes an email into one single text file. These files are generated using the following email client applications:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Apple Mail
  • Qualcomm Eudora, etc.

However, when we talk of Yahoo, it is an email service which was initiated in the year 1997. Yahoo possesses several features like ‘drag and drops’ or ‘improve search keyboard shortcuts’ or tabs, etc. Its ever-enhancing features and editions make them please to the users.

But, why do we convert MBOX to Yahoo? Instead, what are the necessities of the import of MBX to Yahoo? Subsequently, the writeup seeks to elucidate on the purpose of import of the MBOX to Yahoo and also, how.

Import MBOX to Yahoo-Why?

  • The first reason why one would want MBOX file to Yahoo Mail is that the procedure takes place free of cost. As compared to all other free email clients use MBOX formats, Yahoo several features which turn out to be the motive behind many users to switch over from MBOX to Yahoo.
  • Secondly, another reason why importing MBOX file data to Yahoo mail is is that; the Yahoo mail data is easily printable.
  • Third, apart from being a free web-based email client, Yahoo has smart features the users have to . Yahoo mail possesses folder where all of the Spam e get inevitably recognized and in same. search option where the user might search anything related to mail and the essential query also is also present.
  • Fourthly, the user a large of storage space extending 1 TB, without having to spend a single penny. thus helps in storing a amount and large numbers of emails for absolutely free.
  • Moreover, Yahoo mail comes with an anti-virus scanner cohesive with it, which safeguards and keeps the data intact before being read.
  • Another reason to import the MBOX files to Yahoo is that Yahoo Mail being a web-based email client, it does not store data by overriding hard-drive Therefore, post-, one is capable of freeing up in the hard disk.
  • Another reason for importing MBOX to Yahoo mail is that it permits the user to gain easy access to the emails from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Yahoo mail is easy-to-use, no technical knowledge is required to operate Yahoo.

How to Convert the MBOX Files to Yahoo Mail

The next part of our writeup tries to elaborate on the means of how to convert the MBOX Files to Yahoo Mail using an MBOX File Converter tool. Different companies produce different applications or tools in this regard. One of them, KernelApps; has an MBOX File Converter tool which is known to have produced efficient results to its users. But what mas it so indispensable? The reasons why the tool is so valuable, lie in the following:

  • The Tool is capable of converting MBOX or MBX or MBS or MSF emails to Outlook PST format
  • It can easily export different MOX formats such as MBOX/MBX/MBS to Office 365
  • It various MBOX files at one particular time
  • Converts all of the emails and the attachments to formats such PST, DBX, MSG, EML
  • The Tool is capable of saving MBOX mailbox files to several servers such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc. and email such Exchange Server, Domino, GroupWise.
  • Filters emails by different criteria—From, To, Subject, Date, and attachment
  • The Converter tool permits a comprehensive preview of the mailbox files saving
  • The Tool is capable of supporting all the different of Microsoft Outlook.

The Software/Tool is used in this manner:

  1. Browse to select the Folder. Browse to Select the Folder to convert. Click Finish. Select the Folder to convert. Click Finish
  2. Select the Folders from Tree on the Left and select the Saving Options on the Right select the Saving Options on the Right
  3. Select Yahoo from the following list and then click Next: click Next
  4. Click Next. Click Next
  5. A new Window opens asking for the Login Id and the password. Provide the same click Finish. And the process of conversion begins.  click Finish. And the process of conversion begins
  6. And finally, the file is converted.

Final Words

To conclude, we earnestly hope the writeup helps you with the necessary information concerning import MBOX to Yahoo. If any more questions bother you or you still have queries about the Tool, please do not hesitate to reach us out. You may either chat with our online chat team or might directly mail us or even call or visit. Always remember that with problems, there is still a solution.

  1. There were different MBOX files with me and I was looking for the manual methods to import emails from Thunderbird MBOX to Yahoo. Then the tool helped us in importing emails to Yahoo.

  1. We converted the emails from the previous two years only as we did not require the older emails and the software allowed such a selective conversion easily.

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