"Outlook is a great tool for organizing your work life, but sometimes things can go wrong. There you are, sitting in your office chair, scrolling through your email. You see that there is a meeting scheduled for tomorrow, but you realize that you will be out of town.

You know that someone else in the office can take care of it, but who? You quickly open up Outlook and search for the meeting. Once you have found it, you click on "organizer" and see that the original organizer is not the person you want to take over this responsibility. What do you do?"

Well, thankfully, Outlook makes it easy to change the organizer for any meeting.

To begin with, there is no direct feature in Outlook yet, which will allow you to change the owner of the meeting or appointment. However, there are a few methods that can be used as a workaround for the issue at hand.

Methods to Change the Meeting Organizer in Microsoft Outlook

Cancel and resend the meeting invite

One easy and direct method is to cancel the existing meeting by the original organizer.

  1. Move to the Calendar view in Outlook. Calendar view in Outlook
  2. Select the meeting which needs to be canceled.
  3. Click on ‘Cancel Meeting’ under the ‘Meeting’ tab, and it will be cancelled for everyone. Select the meetingNow, the new organizer can set up a new meeting accordingly.
  4. In the Calendar view, click on the home tab and then ‘New Meeting.’ New Meeting
  5. Now, add the necessary meeting details. meeting details
Try a Workaround to Change the Meeting Organizer in Outlook
  1. In the Calendar view, click on the meeting.
  2. Under the Meeting section, click on ‘Respond.’ A dropdown menu will appear, and select ‘Reply All.’ Reply All
  3. The meeting window will open. Press the ‘Ctrl+S’ keys and close that particular window. meeting window
  4. Switch to the Mail > view and open 'Drafts.'
  5. Select the meeting draft and click on ‘Meeting’ under the Home tab. Select the meeting draft
  6. A meeting will be created with the same details. You can set the timings according to the availability of all the colleagues.
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