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If you are an MS Outlook user, then you might know the importance of it. Even if you are using Outlook for a long period of time, you know it is not that easy to handle it. We all have made a lot of mistakes while using Outlook and still make silly mistakes every now and then. This blog is dedicated to how you can avoid making silly mistakes and make your Outlook experience even better.

  1. Avoid This If You Don’t Want to Lose your Valuable Emails
  2. If you don’t want to lose your emails, then always keep in mind not to store emails in Deleted Items folder. It is difficult to retrieve an item from this folder if you have a large number of items in it. In this situation, you cannot do anything. To avoid any such situation, avoid storing emails in Deleted Items folder. So better move the unwanted items to a separate folder when you find them as unwanted.

  3. Avoid This and Increase Your Credibility in the Eyes of the Receiver
  4. MS Outlook is majorly used as a professional platform, and hence, it is supposed to be formal and not tacky. Sometimes, in order to look cool, people use eye bothering themes and fonts which end up making them less credible and formal in the eyes of the receiver. Outlook stationery is an amazing feature, but if you are using it for formal emails, then try to avoid using stationery or use it wisely.

  5. Avoid Using Flashy Signatures
  6. Again, Outlook is a platform used by a number of professionals, and glitzy signatures can ruin your image anytime. What may look like cool to you might be a nightmare to another. So, while setting your signature, make sure the size is large enough that it is readable and minimal enough to look decent. Choose your font size and color wisely; try to select the basic ones.

  7. Avoid This and Increase Your Productivity
  8. If you don’t want to get distracted every now and then and want to increase your productivity, then disable Desktop Alert. If you have enabled your desktop alerts, then every time you receive an email, it will be a distraction. If you will read or see every other email notification, then it is sure that the graph of your productivity will go down.

  9. Avoid This and Save Yourself from Sending Unwanted Emails
  10. There are times when we send emails immediately after drafting them and later find some mistakes in them or change our mind regarding the email. So better not to send emails instantly. It is always advisable to read your emails properly, before sending them.

  11. Never Forget This and Always Have Your Data Secured
  12. Every Outlook user wants to have their data secured all the time, and one of the best ways to keep your data secured is having a backup of it. Always have a backup of your Outlook data, you can do it by exporting Outlook data to some other formats or platforms. By doing this, you can always recover your Outlook data from the place you have exported.

  13. Not Safeguarding PST Files from Corruption
  14. If you are not taking proper care of your Outlook PSTs, then it can result in big troubles. Securing PSTs against any odd situation must be the priority of a user. If you fall prey to PST corruption, we recommend you using Kernel for Outlook PST Repair. It is a technically advanced tool, designed specially to resolve PST corruption issues. The tool comes with a trial version, check it now.

  15. Avoid Experimenting with Manual Methods
  16. Manual methods are free to use, but it is not wise to experiment with manual methods if any problem arises. It is always suggested to approach either a technical expert or try a third-party tool, which can solve the issue quickly. We suggest using an automated tool from a reputed and trusted brand, just like Kernel for Outlook PST Repair. It is a PST repair tool which can quickly and efficiently repair corrupt and damaged PST files in no time and also save them to different formats.