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My Outlook 2016 is Very Slow! Help Please

Having used Outlook 2016 for a long time, I started to experience that my Outlook started running slow. And I mean very slow. I was aware that our Outlook could slow down but having researched on the matter I gained some pretty valuable insight into the matter. From the amount of data, it has to keep a track of to any add-ons that might have been installed or if one checks the new mail often and more, Outlook slows down because of all this.

Top Reasons to Why Outlook Goes Slow

  • At times, the connection cannot be complete either due to an issue from the email provider’s end or if one has changed the password (which usually are accessed via web browser). This is because when someone changes the password, Outlook is prevented in reaching either the service provider or the email servers. Further, by trying to establish a connection, it keeps on sending the wrong password which eventually slows down the app and the computer. As a result, the concerned can neither send nor receive any email(s).
  • In the second reason for your Outlook to go slow is your hardware acceleration feature. Hardware acceleration is the technique to force a computer’s hardware to perform faster than the usual speed. However, this technique might slow down Outlook and the best thing to do in this case; is to turn off the feature to permit the normal running of the PC.
  • Again, certain times; add-ins on the Outlook program could also slow down the Outlook. From utilities and tools like calendar, Evernote to Uber reminder, Paypal etc. may be useful but are the essential elements to slow down the Outlook in case they are too many in number or conflict with Outlook. Best is to disable them.
  • Finally, If the user has a corrupted Database or if it increases the limit or capacity, the Outlook slows down and then freezes in order to comprehend the database.

Top Reasons to Why Outlook Goes Slow

To eradicate the problem of sloth in the Outlook, there are certain simple steps you could use to speed your Outlook up. These simple steps are provided here below:

  1. Update your Windows
    To keep the computer and Outlook running hale & hearty, make sure you’ve updated your Windows. With the Windows Updates, Microsoft could release patches which help increase speeds as well as security of your MS Outlook.
  2. Consider Getting Inbox Archived
    If an Outlook user permits a huge amount of emails to accumulate, he or she is bound to experience slowness in the MS Outlook. To undo this set up auto-archiving. This in term will allow the Outlook to run normally. To add, auto-archiving helps retain a part of the emails.
  3. Consider Disabling Add-ins
    At times. keeping the add-ins on, could slow your Outlook 2016. This is especially true for the third party add-ins. So, why keep them on anyways, if you’re not using them? Disable them!
  4. Disable the RSS Feeds Already!!!
    Many people keep the RSS Feeds on to remain update. If you’re one of them, I have to disappoint you! But no long faces please! It is for your own good that you need to disable the RSS Feeds. This is because many times these Feeds cause your Outlook to run slowly. Post-disabling, check if your Outlook works any better. If not, re-enable the RSS Feeds. There are many other ways to solve this problem but none as good as the tools which help you speed up the Kernel for PST Repair tool.

Kernel for PST Repair

Manual methods are amazing, but ofttimes they might not be able to help. So, any alternatives? Absolutely! There are tools which provide great support in such cases when you’ve gotten the manual methods failing. Kernel has been helping out since the year 2005. Its varied range of products have been an aide in different ways. However, let’s talk about the PST Repair tool by Kernel.

What makes it so unique are its functions or feature. To give a glimpse of its many benefits, here are some points to ponder on:

  • Can Repair large-sized PST files.
  • Deleted messages are easily recovered.
  • Repairs your damaged Outlook data files (PST)
  • Recovers all the properties of the email, like Subject, From, Cc, Bcc, Date and Time.
  • The tool exports the PST files to Office 365, email servers as well as Web mails

Kernel for PST Repair-Usage

  • Install the Tool (in case you haven’t)
  • Browse to select the file or files by selecting from either of the two given options.
  • Click Finish.
  • Select Folder or file(s) and Select Output Type, Click Next.
  • Click on Next
  • Attach a Prefix to store-name if you need. Click Next
  • Browse to select the folder to save in. Click OK.
  • Click Finish.
  • When Complete, you get the information. Click Ok.


Outlook like all software apps can go hay-wire any time or slow down especially at a time you don’t want to. But don’t panic. You could try using the manual methods, if you can, well and good, if not you’ve got Kernel to help you mechanically. We are pretty sure you’ll definitely get back speed in the working of your Outlook. Moreover, if you need any assistance call on Kernel, they are online 24*7. Chat online or call. They’re happy to help.

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My Outlook 2016 is Very Slow! Help Please

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