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Microsoft Outlook Crashes or Freezing When Selecting a Specific Folder

“I was working on Outlook and I suddenly realized that every time I select a folder, it is freezing up. First, I thought it is just a random temporary problem, but it kept on happening and every time it was severer than before. Later, my Outlook just restarted, all by itself! What is wrong with my Outlook? Is it some sort of Virus or what?” - Anonymous User

While going through many Outlook related issues over the internet, I came across this one, and it caught my attention. Many users have claimed to experience a situation where they face crashing issues when they select a folder to take any action. There is not a specific reason why this error happens, but it may be a result of several technical or non-technical glitches in Outlook.

Commen Reasons for the Outlook crash

  1. Virus Attacks
  2. Sudden/Improper Shutdowns
  3. Spyware Attacks
  4. Corruption of the PST file
  5. Corruption in the first message of that particular folder
  6. Corruption in the View setting of the folder

How to deal with it?

Although, there is no sure-shot way to tackle this issue until the main reason of the crash is known. But we can apply different methods one by one and check if it solves the issue. Let’s start the journey!

Solution 1- Try Safe Mode

When a problem is unknown, using Safe Mode always works. It is the easiest and fastest way to know what is wrong with your Outlook. To start in safe mode, you need to click on the Start button type “outlook.exe /safe” and press Enter.

After running Outlook in the safe mode, if everything works well, this indicates that there is a corruption in the first message of that folder or in the view of the folder. If it doesn’t work well, then it indicates that there is a corrupt PST which you will need to repair.

Solution 2- Repair the Corrupt Message

If you already know or came to know that the main issue is with the first message of the folder, then you need to fix it. Delete the message and close the safe mode once it is deleted, open Outlook normally this time (no safe mode). If this solves your problem, then you can continue using Outlook normally. Out of the many unknown reasons antivirus scanner is one of the reasons why messages in Outlook get corrupted.

Solution 3- Disable the Antivirus Scanner

We have already discussed that Antivirus scanner may lead to corruption of messages. So, if you don’t want corrupt messages anymore, disable the antivirus.

Solution 4- Reset the Corrupt Folder View

While running Outlook in safe mode, if you come to know about that the corrupt view is the reason for the crash, then you need to fix it. Changing the view is very easy - just click on the View button on the top of the Outlook 2016 screen and click on the Reset View option. If you have a problem with multiple folders, then it is suggested that you reset the view of all the folders. To perform this, press Win+R keys and type “outlook.exe /cleanviews.”

Solution 5- Repair Corrupt PST file

While running Outlook in Safe Mode if you realized that a corrupt PST is behind all this crash, then fix it as soon as possible. You can either repair a corrupt PST with the help of an inbuilt utility comes with Outlook, known as ‘scanpst.exe’ or with a third-party tool.

To save your precious time and effort, it is always advisable to go for an automated method to do so. One of the best available options for third-party PST repair tool is “Kernel for Outlook PST Repair.”

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is an advanced Outlook PST repair tool, designed by keeping in mind all the issues related to PSTs. Be it a corrupt, damaged or broken PST, this tool can fix it in a few simple steps. Besides this, it provides a lot more exciting features which make the user experience even better.

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