MS Outlook is as essential for its users as their laptop/computer; they can’t afford any sort of glitch or error which may harm their data or work. But just like any other application, Outlook too is prone to errors and faults; and you can face them any time due to any reason.

Similarly, there is an error which being an Outlook user you may face is “Cannot enable shared access. Error 0x80004001: Not implemented.” What does this error mean and why does it occur? Let’s discuss about it first. This error generally occurs when you try to add a PST file, and due to some configuration issues, it is not processed.

Another reason for this error is system file damage; it makes a breakthrough for the corrupt files where they get stored and cause problems. If you are into technology, then you might have experienced the Blue screen too; sometimes due to blue screen, user can’t upload PST file.

DLL error is one of the reasons why the user may face an 0x80004001 error. If DLL is missing from your system, then there are chances that you might face this error. One more possible reason for this error is that your application freezes during the process, which may happen due to any reason.

How to fix Error 0x80004001

Let’s see how you can solve this error by using different methods and techniques.

You can try to switch between the versions of Outlook. Try the different version from the one you are using currently, for example, if you are using 2003, then try 2007, if you are using 2007 then try switching to 2010 and so on. The best-suggested version for such an error is 2016; you can directly switch to Outlook 2016.

Install Antivirus

The very first approach to every problem should be an Antivirus scan. Try scanning with a reputed Antivirus; this will remove or fix any type of corruption or bug. If you already have an Antivirus installed, then try to adjust the settings.

Try Safe Mode

Safe Mode works well when you want to work in a secure environment without any hassle or error. Whenever users find glitches during their use, they first try to run Outlook in Safe Mode. Safe Mode allows adding PST without any error.

Try Restarting your account

In such a scenario, it is always advised to restart or re-login to your account. This way you make sure that the credentials you are entering for your account are correct, and it also solves any issue running on the background.

Never Store PST on Network

If you are in the habit of storing PSTs on Network, then you need to stop it right away. Storing any sort of PST on Networks make it prone to corruption and other unknown issues. Making a backup of the PST file is a habit you should follow; it will aid you at the right time.

Try Scanpst.exe

Scanpst.exe is an Inbuilt PST repair tool which can repair corrupted PST. If you think that your PST is corrupt, then you can try using scanPST to repair it.

Try an Expert Tool

By Expert tool, we mean Kernel for Outlook PST Repair. It is an automated method with the help of which you can repair any sort of corruption in your PST. If none of the methods worked for you, then we recommend you use this software, it will work for sure. The tool is designed to repair damaged and corrupted PST files; be it any sort of corruption, the tool fixes it from the root. It ensures that the repaired PST should remain in its original structure and data hierarchy. There are many other exciting features of the tool you would like to get introduced to, for that you can simply try the free version and experience it yourself.


In this blog, we have discussed that how one can fix Outlook Error 0x80004001. We have covered manual and automated ways with the help of which one can achieve desired results. In manual methods, we have discussed various Outlook utilities and other external utilities, and in the automated method, we have discussed how Kernel for Outlook PST Repair tool can be a game changer in such case. Hope it has helped you!