Swift Method of Migrating from GyazMail to Outlook

GyazMail is an email client developed for Mac operating systems which is easy to use and does not require any technical expertise to deal with any issue related to it. Although it is a boon for Mac users but sometimes it becomes the most difficult task to handle. GyazMail is an MBOX client and sometimes its conversion is needed to fulfill the demand of the client. Being considered as the perfect interface by many users who till now maintained the good distance from Windows platform are in situation to get rid of GyazMail issues.

Keeping in mind the necessity of the process, you can very well rely on the ideal utility designed to convert MBOX files of GyazMail to PST. It is Kernel for MBOX to PST Conversion that has got excellent ability to maintain the integrity of the process using inbuilt algorithm. Therefore, if you are the Apple Mac user and willing to relocate the present email file from GyazMail to Outlook, then here are the few steps that you require to follow:

  1. Install and Run Kernel for MBOX to PST.
  2. Select ‘GyazMail’ from different MBOX clients. Select GyazMail
  3. Click ‘Next’ to proceed to add concerned GyazMail MBOX file in next step.
  4. Click ‘Add File(s)’ to add GyazMail MBOX file. To remove any of them that you selected by default, click ‘Remove File(s)’. Select folder and files
  5. Once addition of files is complete, click ‘Finish’.

    A new window appears on the screen providing a detailed account on concerned GyazMail MBOX file.

    Screen of descriptive of the MBOX files

  6. Click ‘Save’ to save it.

    A new window appears with different conversion options. It involves ‘Convert all Items’ and ‘Define Conversion Rule’.

  7. To convert all items, simply click ‘Convert all items’ followed by ‘Next’. Conversion options
  8. Click ‘Define Conversion Rule’, just in case you want to save the GyazMail MBOX file after specifying certain criteria like From, To, Subject and Date.

    Note:From’ field indicates sender’s name.
    To’ field indicates receiver’s name.
    Subject’ field indicates subject line on the email.
    Date’ field indicates date range in which the concerned MBOX file could be found.

  9. Specify a value that is either contained or is not contained in the “From” field.
  10. Mention a value contained or not contained in the “To” field.
  11. Specify the required value for “Subject” field.
  12. Type the date range by making use of “date” field. Define conversion rule
  13. Once done click ‘Next’. In next step click ‘Save in PST’ radio button among others like ‘Save in MSG’, ‘Save in EML’ and ‘Save in Office 365’.
  14. To proceed further, make selection among ‘Create New PST File’ and ‘Save in Existing PST File’. Select 'Create new PST or Save in existing PST' options
  15. Create new PST file after selecting ‘Create New PST File’ and specify the path using the ‘Browse’ button. Create new PST file
  16. Click ‘Save in Existing PST File’ if you want to save data in the pre-existing PST file.
  17. Specify the destination path by using ‘Browse’ button. Specify the destination path
  18. Once done, click ‘Save’ to proceed conversion and saving process.
  19. During the conversion and saving process, the tool’s interface appears as. Saving process
  20. On completion of the email migration process a message confirming about the completion of conversion process will be displayed on the screen



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Swift Method of Migrating from GyazMail to Outlook

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