GyazMail is a Mac-based email client application designed with a highly interactive GUI, which makes it popular among many Mac users. Once, it was regarded as one of the best alternatives for Eudora and Mac Mail client. It’s easy to use interface and stability makes it convenient even for users having no technical background at all. Despite having numerous features, it still has to cover a long way to compete with advanced platforms. Moreover, many users have reported that sometimes it becomes quite difficult to manage their emails on GyazMail. When GyazMail users switch from Mac to Windows, they need to migrate their emails to a more reliable platform like Outlook.

Conversion of emails from GyazMail to Outlook, however, requires automated methods (mostly a third-party medium) because both the platforms don’t provide any direct means to export/import emails from one another. Also, GyazMail uses MBOX as its native file format, whereas Outlook uses PST.

Keeping in mind the necessity of the process, you can very well rely on the ideal utility designed to convert MBOX files of GyazMail to PST. It is Kernel for MBOX to PST Conversion that has got excellent ability to maintain the integrity of the process using inbuilt algorithms. Therefore, if you are a Mac-based user and is willing to migrate your emails from GyazMail to Outlook, all you have to do is follow the given instructions carefully:

  1. Launch the MBOX to Outlook PST software.
  2. Click on the Browse button to select an GyazMail MBOX folder. Select GyazMail MBOX folder Note: You can opt from Select Folder or Select File as per your requirement.
  3. Select the GyazMail file/folder and click on the Finish button. Select the GyazMail file and click finish
  4. Click on the emails individually to display a preview of its content on the tool’s interface. Once done previewing, click the Save button. Preview of MBOX files
  5. Select PST file (MS Outlook) as the output type and click on the Next button to proceed further. Select file format to save file
  6. Specify the saving preferences for the converted file. You can filter the data with options like date, item type, folder name, etc. Once done with the saving preferences, click on the Next button. filter the data
  7. Next, you can choose to split your PST into two predefined proportions. And, you can add a prefix to the file name to provide it a unique identity. Skip both the options if not required and click on the Next button. Split Outlook PST file
  8. Provide a destination to save the converted file. Click on the Finish button once done. Provide a destination to save converted file
  9. Your converted files are saved to the specified location. Click OK to finish the process. GyazMail to Outlook conversion done
Kernel for MBOX to PST Box
Kernel forMBOX to PST

For smooth MBOX conversion and migration