GyazMail stands as a Mac-centric email client application, boasting an engaging graphical user interface that has garnered favor among a substantial contingent of Mac aficionados. In bygone days, it earned acclaim as a formidable contender to both Eudora and Mac Mail. Its inherent user-friendliness and unwavering stability render it accessible even to individuals devoid of technical acumen. Notwithstanding its multifaceted feature set, there remains a considerable journey ahead for it to vie with more advanced platforms. Additionally, a number of users have voiced concerns about the occasional complexities in email management within GyazMail. For those transitioning from Mac to Windows, the imperative task often involves migrating their email repositories to a more dependable platform, such as Outlook.

To migrate emails from GyazMail to Outlook, you'll need to rely on automated solutions, typically involving third-party software. This is necessary because neither platform offers a direct method for transferring emails between them. Additionally, GyazMail stores emails in the MBOX format, while Outlook uses PST, adding to the complexity of the conversion process.

Considering the essential nature of this task, you can confidently depend on the optimal tool specially crafted for transforming GyazMail's MBOX files into PST format. This reliable solution is Kernel for MBOX to PST Converter renowned for its adeptness in preserving data integrity through its built-in algorithms. Hence, if you're a Mac user aiming to transfer your GyazMail emails to Outlook, simply adhere to the provided instructions attentively.

  1. Please click the Browse button to choose a GyazMail MBOX folder.
  2. To choose a GyazMail MBOX folder, simply click the Browse button. Select GyazMail MBOX folder Note: You have the choice to select either a folder or a file based on your needs.
  3. Choose the GyazMail file or folder and then press the Finish button. Select the GyazMail file and click finish
  4. To view the content of each email, simply click on them one by one within the tool's interface. After reviewing the content, click the "Save" button when you're finished. Preview of MBOX files
  5. Choose the output format "PST file (MS Outlook)" and then click the "Next" button to continue. Select file format to save file
  6. Configure your preferred saving settings for the converted file. You have the ability to refine the data using options such as date, item type, folder name, and more. Once you've finalized your saving preferences, simply click the Next button to proceed. filter the data
  7. Afterward, you have the option to divide your PST into two predetermined portions. Additionally, you can apply a prefix to the file name for a distinct identifier. If neither of these options is needed, simply proceed by clicking the Next button. Split Outlook PST file
  8. Select a location to store the converted file, and then click the Finish button when you're ready. Provide a destination to save converted file
  9. Your transformed documents will be stored in the designated destination. Select OK to complete the operation. GyazMail to Outlook conversion done
Kernel for MBOX to PST Box
Kernel forMBOX to PST

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