Claws Mail stands as an open-source email client, accessible across both Windows and Linux platforms. It offers a multitude of features, including an address book, spell checker, and search capabilities. Its user-friendly graphical interface, swift performance, and dependable stability make it an attractive choice. Furthermore, users can easily set up IMAP and POP accounts for popular web-based email services. Moreover, you can expand its capabilities even further by integrating additional plugins.

While Claws Mail offers a range of features, it falls short of meeting the demands of professionals due to its absence of advanced security features. Consequently, many professionals opt for MS Outlook when it comes to handling email communication and critical data sharing. Nevertheless, for individual users seeking to transition their emails from Claws to Outlook, the process can be facilitated through the use of conversion software. However, it is essential to first export the emails and other data in the MBOX format, a task that Claws Mail can perform proficiently.

In the following section, we've provided a guide on "Exporting Claws Mail Emails to MBOX" for users interested in transferring their Claws Mail data to the MBOX format.

How to Export Claws Mail Emails to MBOX?

By following the prescribed instructions, a user can effectively export the required mailbox data from Claws Mail to an MBOX file.

  • Step 1: Launch Claws Mail and go to the File menu.
  • Step 2: Go to the File menu and choose the "Export as mbox file" feature. click on Export to mbox file
  • Step 3: In the "Export to mbox file" dialog box, just click "Browse" to select both the source folder and the destination location. Browse to select the source
  • Step 4:After selecting the source folder and destination address, kindly press the "OK" button. Click OK

The mandatory MBOX file is stored in the designated location. With the source database file now in MBOX format, you can employ a dependable MBOX to Outlook PST conversion tool for the conversion task. To simplify your search for such a tool, we recommend the use of a third-party software called Kernel for MBOX to PST Converter so that you don’t have to search for online tools. Here is how it works:

  1. Open the email converter tool and use the "Browse" option to find the necessary MBOX file containing your Claws Mail data. Browse to locate the required MBOX file
  2. Choose the file or folder and press OK. Afterward, simply click Finish to proceed. click Finish to continue
  3. To get a sneak peek at the email contents, simply choose the mailbox folders on the left-hand side panel. Initiate the saving process by clicking on the "Save" option. Click Save to start saving
  4. In this step, choose the format labeled PST File (MS Outlook) and then proceed by clicking on Next. click Next
  5. Choose Filters to designate particular data for your converted PST file. You have the flexibility to opt for different choices within From, To, Subject, Folder Name, Item Type, and Date Range. After making your selections, click Next to proceed. click Next
  6. Utilize the Split function for effective management of your sizable files. Simply choose the desired option from the Split dropdown menu. Additionally, you have the option to append a Prefix to the file name, providing it with a distinct identifier. This particular action is voluntary; if you do not need to make these adjustments, proceed by clicking Next. click Next
  7. Please specify a location to save the converted file and then select the Finish option. click Finish
  8. Once the conversion process is complete, the transformed PST file will be automatically saved to the designated destination. To conclude the entire process, simply click on the OK button. click ok