Conversion of Mailbox Items from GNUMail to Outlook

GNUMail is the free and open source cross platform email client developed for Mac OS. It is the official email client of GNUstep. GNUMail supports different internet protocols like POP3, IMAP4 and UNIX STMP. Other than this, the application is equipped with different file formats for local saving like Maildir and Berkely MBOX. User can also make use of filters for incoming and outgoing mail which support regular expressions. But, due to the availability of the better platform like MS Outlook, most professionals prefer to migrate from GNUMail. However, to perform such migration a powerful migrator tool is needed. The most helpful email converter tool is Kernel for MBOX to PST. To convert MBOX files of GNUMail to PST just follow these steps:

  1. Launch Kernel for MBOX to PST software.
  2. Select ‘GNUMail’ form the given MBOX clients. Select GNUMail email client
  3. Click ‘Next’ to proceed to add GNUMail MBOX files to the converter application.
  4. Add GNUMail MBOX files by clicking ‘Add File(s)’. To remove any of them click ‘Remove File(s)’. Once done, click ‘Finish’ to proceed. Select folder or files
  5. A window will open providing the detailed account about the added GNUMail MBOX file. Screenshot of selected GNUMail MBOX files
  6. To save them, click ‘Save’ button.
  7. Once done, a window with different conversion options will appear. Make selection from either of them: ‘Convert all items’ and ‘Define Conversion Rule’. To convert all items, select ‘Convert all Items’ followed by ‘Next’. Different conversion options
  8. To make specific selection user has to define conversion rule using ‘Define Conversion Rule’. It entails different options like From, To, Subject and Date from ‘Where’ drop-down menu.
  9. Specify a value that is either contained or is not contained in the “From” field.
  10. Enter a value contained or not contained in the “To” field.
  11. Provide the required value for “Subject” field.
  12. Specify the date range with the help of a “date” field. Specify the date range
  13. Click ‘Next’ to proceed into saving option.
  14. In next window click ‘Save in PST’ from other options like ‘Save in EML’, ‘Save in MSG’ and ‘Save in Office 365’. Select destination
  15. Make a selection to save the required data between ‘Create New PST File’ and ‘Save in Existing PST File’.
  16. If new PST file is to be created, then click ‘Create New PST File’ and with ‘Browse’ button to provide the destination of the respective file. Create new PST file
  17. However, if you desire to save the data in the pre-existing PST file pre-exists, then simply click on ‘Save in Existing PST File’ and provide the file path by using ‘Browse’ button. Save in existing PST file
  18. Click ‘Save’ button to proceed the conversion and saving process. Saving process
  19. Once the entire MBOX to PST conversion process get completed a completion message appear on the screen.


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Conversion of Mailbox Items from GNUMail to Outlook

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