In the last two years during a pandemic when work from home became the trend, email played an important role in communication. Every individual, organization, and business become fond of using emails for sending items such as journals, contacts, notes, etc., or some crucial documents or attachments.

Now the email has become the universal way of communication. EML is a standard file extension for electronic emails, which is widely used by Outlook Express and other standard email programs. But, as technology is evolving, users are also moving towards more flexible platforms. That’s why many end users want their EML files in their Office 365 account.

You might be aware of the fact that, PST files are readily accessible in all versions of Outlook. Also, they can be imported to Office 365 account as well. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss how you can convert your EML file to PST quickly both manually and with an automated solution.

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Instant Solution

Download Kernel for EML to PST an automated tool to Export Windows Live Mail EML files directly to Office 365 and avoid complication of manual procedure.

Methods to Convert EML file to PST

Generally, there are two possible procedures, one is manual and other is automated. Let’s have a slight look at these approaches:

  1. Manual Procedure to Export Windows Live Mail EML file to PST/Office 365
  2. A Simpler Way to Export EML/EMLX to PST and Office 365(Third party tool)
Manual Procedure to import EML to PST/Office 365

In case of Manual procedure, there are two steps to follow. First, you need to export Windows Live Mail emails to PST format, and then import these PST files to Office 365. Checkout the below steps to understand the process better.

  • Open Windows Live Mail. Click File > Export Email, and then select Email Messages. Select email messages under file option
  • Choose Microsoft Exchange from the Select Program list and click Next. Select file format to export email
  • A new message window will appear on screen for confirming the exportation of messages. Click on OK to proceed. Screen for confirming the exportation of messages
  • Select the folders files and folders you want to export from Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook and click OK. Select files/folders to export
  • A window will appear on screen showing the progress of the EML file to PST conversion process. progress of the EML to PST conversion
  • An EML to Outlook PST conversion process completion message will appear on screen; click the Finish button. EML to Outlook PST conversion process completion message
  • Login into the Office 365 account. Login Office 365 account
  • In the Import page (of Data governance), create new job to upload data to Office 365 Azure storage location.
  • Now, copy and save the network upload SAS URL.
  • Download and install Azure AzCopy tool and run it.
  • Use the command prompt to upload the PST files (from a shared location) to Office 365 using the AzCopy.exe tool (optionally, you can view the PST files using Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer).
  • Create a CSV file having the details of mailboxes (in the Microsoft recommended format).
  • Create a PST import job (validating the CSV file that has been created).
  • Finally, import PST files to Office 365 (filter the PST file data if required).

Although the manual method is simple, importing PST files to Office 365 using this method is a complex and long process. It is not suitable for users who want EML files imported to Office 365 accounts instantly. This manual method covers multiple steps and processes which can easily confuse the user and there could be chances of errors anyhow.

Hence instead of using such a stressful method, users can go for a professional solution where they can perform direct EML to Office 365 transfer using minimum steps to complete the process with full accuracy.

A Simpler Way to Export EML/EMLX to PST and Office 365

The simpler method to import EML to Office 365 format is using Kernel EML to PST Converter software that reduces the complexity to minimum level and allows a graphical user-interface assistance for unlimited export jobs.

  • Step 1: Launch the software and click the Find button. Launch the software
  • Step 2: Select the required EML/EMLX files and folders using the Browse button or search for them using the Search button. Select EML/EMLX file
  • Step 3: Uncheck the unnecessary files and folders from the list. Click OK. Uncheck the unnecessary files
  • Step 4: Preview the EML files and their content before saving. Preview EML files
  • Step 5: Specify the conversion rule to save only the required items. Save only required file
  • Step 6: Follow any one of the steps as per the requirement:
    • Select Save in PST option to save the EML/EMLX files in PST file format. Either create a new PST file or save in existing PST file as per requirement. Create a new PST file or save in existing PST file
    • Select Save in Office 365 option in order to save EML files to Office 365. Provide the Office 365 credentials and click Save button to finish the process. Provide the Office 365 credentials

Final Words

Converting EML file to PST is a basic necessity for most individuals, as they need quick access to their data. But, having no manual methods to achieve the task, they look for an alternative solution that can effectively convert EML files to PST/Office 365 in this article, we talked about the third pparty tool that can be used to import EML to Office 365, PST and MSG.