Yahoo mail is one of the earliest email services for common users. It came into existence in 1997 and is active since then. There are more than 200 million active users for Yahoo mail, and it is the third-largest email service platform. If you are using your Yahoo account professionally and there is a constant flow of emails, then you should try the Outlook application. Outlook provides a more stable environment, and you can work even in offline mode. You can even have multiple accounts in Outlook. Follow the below steps to configure the Yahoo account in Outlook.

Enable POP & IMAP on Yahoo

You need to enable the following option to allow yourself to log in to Yahoo account from non-Yahoo apps and devices:

  1. Login to your Yahoo account.
  2. Go to your account icon and click Account info.
    Enter Yahoo mail account
  3. Go to Account Security and enable the option ‘Allow apps that use lesser secure sign-in.’
    enable Allow apps that use lesser secure sign-in

Create app-password

If two-factor authentication is enabled in Yahoo, then you need to create a new app-password for use while accessing the Yahoo account from a different application.

  1. In the Account Security, select ‘Generate app password.’
    Select Generate app password
  2. Choose Outlook desktop from the drop-down menu. Then click the Generate button.
    Click on Generate button
  3. Copy the password to use in Outlook. Click Done.
    Copy the password

Configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook 2019/2016

There is a direct method to add the account in Outlook.

  1. In Outlook, click File in the toolbar. Then go to Info and click Add Account.
    Add account info
  2. Input your Yahoo account and click Connect.
    input Yahoo account and connent
  3. Input the password of your Yahoo account and click Connect.
    Input Yahoo mail password
  4. Your account is added successfully. Click Done and start accessing your Yahoo emails in Outlook.
    Yahoo account configured in Outlook successfully

If there is any connectivity issue, then you can add the account manually also. In the manual process, you need to mention the incoming and outgoing email servers and their port numbers.

  1. When you input the Yahoo email address, check the option ‘Let me set up my account manually.’ And click Connect.
    Click on Let me set up my account manually
  2. Select IMAP from the various options.
    Select IMAP option
  3. Input the app-password which you had created earlier. Then click Connect.
    Input the app password
  4. If there is an issue in connecting with your account, then you should choose the ‘Change Account Settings’ option.
    Change account setting
  5. On the IMAP Accounts Settings page, you need to fulfill the following
    • Incoming mail –; port number – 993.
    • Encryption method – SSL/TLS.
    • Outgoing mail – and it's port number as 465.
    • Encryption method – SSL/TLS.
  6. Click Next.
    Fulfill the IMAP information
  7. Input the password of the Yahoo account again and click Connect.
    Input the password of the Yahoo account again
  8. The account is connected successfully. Click Done and start working on your Yahoo account in Outlook.
    start working on your Yahoo account in Outlook

Configure Yahoo account in Outlook 2019

The process of adding the Yahoo account to Outlook 2019 is exactly similar to that for Outlook 2016.

  1. In Outlook 2019, click File>>info>> Add Account.
  2. Input your Yahoo account email address and click Connect.
  3. Input your Yahoo account password and click Connect.
  4. When the Yahoo account is added in Outlook, click Done.


Yahoo mail is active for more than two decades, and many users are continuously using it. But if you follow the news, you may be aware of the phishing attacks on the Yahoo accounts on large scales. In 2017, Yahoo accepted that more than 3 billion of its accounts were affected due to a theft of accounts. That’s why you should take the security of Yahoo mails more seriously and keep a backup of the emails at regular intervals. So, you can use the Kernel IMAP Backup tool. It will enlist all the messages of your mailbox and export them safely to a PST file. Advanced features are available in the tool to select/deselect folders, apply filters, take back up, and get a complete report. You can use the PST file in the Outlook application to open the messages.