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Summary: Videos are a great source of entertainment and knowledge. However, occasionally, your 3GP videos get corrupted somehow. This article covers all the legitimate solutions to repair corrupt 3GP files. Also, we have suggested a top automated Kernel Video Repair tool to repair corrupt videos.

3GP is one of the most popular file formats for the Third Generation Partnership Project. It is a multimedia container format for multimedia services. Occasionally, while recording or playing a video, you may face related errors, like your phone running out of space or showing an error notification that ‘File cannot be displayed or played.’
Such unpredictable errors may give you nightmares about losing your precious data. 3GP files may get corrupted or damaged due to hardware issues, corrupted SD cards, browsing unreliable sources, issues in a mobile phone, excess storage on the phone, etc.
We all know how important a 3GP file could be for the users and how susceptible it is to damage. So, let’s discuss how we can fix this problem and save the precious data.

We are well aware of the significance of a 3GP file to users and its vulnerability to damage. Therefore, let’s explore solutions to address this issue and safeguard valuable data.

Methods to Repair a Damaged 3GP file.

Let’s discuss a few manual methods with the help of which you can repair the damaged 3GP.

    Solution 1: Try Changing the Video Format

    There can be a couple of reasons why a particular video is not playing in your system; one of them is the unsupported video format. If the 3GP video format is not getting played in your system, try converting it into other video formats supported by your device.

    Note: Try to convert videos into other formats so they will play seamlessly on any player. If you don’t know how to convert a video’s file format, try a very easy Kernel Video Converter for the same purpose. Learn how to how to convert 3GP Video File to MP4 Without Losing Quality here.

    Solution 2: Right Codec can make a Difference

    You might need to check the codec if you are unable to play a video even after changing its format. If your system doesn’t have the right codec, then you won’t be able to play the video. So, take help from an expert and get the right codec for your software.

    Solution 3: Try VLC Media Player

    VLC is a popular technical media player compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux platforms. With this media player, you can play batch files simultaneously in every format. VLC also has an option to convert your video format to another format, so it may also help you to play the supported format after conversion.

    Solution 4: Try Hex Editor

    A hex editor is undoubtedly a complicated program and is recommended by an expert. Try the whole process of Hex editor when you know how to handle it and have an expert’s guidance. So, if you have decided to deal with the program, you can start by comparing the first part of the damaged file with the non-corrupt part and edit the damaged part as required.

    Solution 5: Try Repairing the Video.

    If the video is still not playing, then there is some severe corruption in your video. You will need a reputed third-party tool like Kernel Video Repair to repair video file. Let’s see how this software works with the help of steps of the recovery process.

  1. Run the tool in your system. Tap on the + icon to add 3gp damaged or corrupted video. You can also use the drag-and-drop option to upload your video.
    add the 3GP file
  2. After adding the file, click on the Repair Files
    .Click on repair file
  3. Browse a destination path to save your healthy file.
    provide a destination path
  4. The repair of the corrupted 3Gp video will start soon
    Repair process
  5. Hence, your video file is repaired and file is repaired and saved


In this article, we discussed how to repair a damaged or corrupted video manually and with the automated method. As we can see, none of the manual techniques assures a positive outcome, and only one can fix the corruption. At the same time, the automated version can fix the corruption issue in a few easy steps. The software comes with a trial version that lets you analyze the software closely and repair files for up to 30 seconds, but you can save the file only with the full version.

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