Fix The “Unable to Play Video Error – 5” In Google Chrome

Akash Tiwari | Updated On - 08 Sep 2021 |

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The error “Unable to Play Video Error Code – 5” occurs mainly while playing embedded videos in Google Slides. Some users face this situation while making a presentation in Google Slides. When they try to use their Google Drive videos in the presentation, they get ‘Unable to play video. Error: 5.’ How to fix this?

The situation mentioned above indicate the same issue one way or the other. Browsers like Google Chrome often tend to throw such errors when a user tries to play videos that are extracted from Google Drive and put up in Google Slides. Sometimes, when the user switches the browser, all of a sudden the error is gone. Sometimes it’s the Chrome who is incompatible to play videos that are imported from Google Drive whereas sometimes it’s the video itself causing the issue. Whatever be the reason, we need to fix the issue in order to get our presentation issue sorted.

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Now, to fix “Unable to play video Error 5”, you need to perform a few trouble shooting techniques that are required to be executed consecutively.

How to Fix “Unable to play video error 5”?

As we have a clear understanding of the issue now, let’s start fixing it. For this, you will need to perform a few troubleshooting techniques that are required to be executed consecutively. So, we are going to mention a few of those too. If you know the exact reason why you are facing this issue, you can skip other solutions and jump to a suitable solution. If you do not know the issue, you will need to perform all of the solutions one by one. Here it goes:

  1. Ensure that you have a stable connection to the Internet.
  2. Sometimes, fluctuations or a disturbed Internet connection can be a reason behind getting the “Unable to play video Error 5” message on your screen. Make sure that the Internet connection is stable while you make slides or import videos from Google drive.

  3. Update your system OS and Browser.
  4. Updating your system OS and Browser might help getting the issue fixed. Recent updates or patches include programs that can fix common bugs and errors. If you are using a Windows platform, you can easily update your system by following these instructions:

    Go to Start and navigate all the way through Settings >> Update & Security >> Windows Update.

    Windows Update

    To update your Google Chrome, go to browser’s Settings and select About Chrome. It automatically detects and installs updates for your Chrome browser.

  5. Clear cache data and cookies from your browser.
    Letting your browser store cache data for a longer period can slow down your browser and can cause video playback issues irrespective of the platform they are played on. Clearing cache and cookies might help fixing your browser for “Unable to play video Error 5”.
    Since, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the two prominent browsers; here is how you can clear cache and cookies in both platforms:

    Mozilla Firefox:

    • Launch Firefox, click on the Menu button and select Options.
    • On the left-hand side panel, select Privacy & Security.
    • Under the Cookies and Site Data section, click Clear Data.
    • Check both “Cookies and Site Data” and “Cached Web Content”. Then, click the Clear button.Clear Data from Mozilla Firefox

    Google Chrome:

    • Launch Google Chrome, click on the Customize and control Google Chrome icon located at the top right corner of the interface.
    • Select Settings from the list.
    • Under the Privacy and Security section, click Clear browsing data.
    • Check all options, Select Time range as “All time” and click on the Clear data button.

     Clear Data from Google Chrome

  6. Disable Plugins or extensions
  7. Plugins or extensions are integrated to allow extended features to the user. However, some plugins may come up with viruses or malware which can affect the functioning of browsers.

    Removing or uninstalling extensions which are causing the issue can also be a measure to get rid of the “Unable to play video Error 5” situation. Typically, third-party extensions which are not a product of registered organizations cause such issues. You can detect and disable all such extensions at first sight. If the error still exists, disable the other extensions one by one and check whether the issue still persists or not.

  8. Switch to the Incognito mode
  9. Try accessing the embedded videos in Incognito mode; browsers like Chrome and Firefox provide this feature in almost every version. Incognito mode offers a safe and secure platform for users to access data on the Internet.

    In Chrome, you can enable the Incognito mode by clicking on the Customize and control Google Chrome icon and then selecting the New Incognito window.

    In Firefox, click on the menu icon located at the top right corner then select the New Private Window to enable the incognito mode.

  10. Try a video repair tool
  11. In case you are still getting the same error message and even switching the browsers seems to be of no help, chances are that your Google Drive videos have gone corrupt. Try using an automated third-party repair tool to resolve corruption issues from your Google Slides embedded videos.

    In this regard, we have highlighted an efficient third-party repair software that will help users repair their corrupt videos irrespective of their video file format and nature of corruption.

    Kernel Video Repair Tool is one of the most popular alternatives for manual methods to fix corruption issues in video files. The tool is capable enough to repair videos associated with almost all major file formats. With this tool, there is no limitation on file size and you can repair multiple files at a single time.

    Kernel Video Repair Tool

Final Words

In this blog, we have covered almost every measure to fix – “Unable to play video Error 5” video playback error in Google Slides embedded videos. Typically, this issue can be easily sorted out by following some common troubleshooting techniques which we have already discussed. However, in case of corruption to the files, the most recommended way is to use a third-party software like Kernel Video Repair. If you think that the converting video to some other file format can fix this issue for you, then you can also try to do that. You can learn to convert 3GP video file to MP4 without losing quality with this sample. Hope this blog helped you fix your issue.