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Abhishek Chopra Abhishek Chopra Published On - July 06, 2023

Video Repair

3 Best video format for YouTube: Suited for social media platforms

In older days, the normal medium to share a piece of information was text, magazines, and newspapers. The video medium…

Abhishek Chopra Abhishek Chopra Updated On - February 19, 2024

Video Repair

Fix an unsupported video codec error

A codec is a set of instructions or lines of codes written sequentially that encrypts and decrypts the data in…

Abhishek Chopra Abhishek Chopra Updated On - June 26, 2024

Video Repair

Fix videos not uploading to YouTube issue

The YouTube platform consists of guidelines that must be regarded while uploading videos. As the platform modifies and upgrades itself…

Abhishek Chopra Abhishek Chopra Updated On - June 07, 2023

Video Repair

Ways to fix HTML5 video file not found error

HTML, short for Hyper Text Markup Language, is running the fifth version (number 5 in HTML5) of Worldwide Consortium. The…

Abhishek Chopra Abhishek Chopra Updated On - January 04, 2024

Video Repair

How to fix Instagram videos not playing issue?

Summary: Instagram is a popular social media platform with 1.68 billion active users. Users upload pics, videos, and view short…

Abhishek Chopra Abhishek Pandey Published On - March 22, 2023

Video Repair

6 Best ways to fix video card failure issue

Summary: Are you facing issues with a video playing, display screen, and computer performance due to video card failure? Don’t…