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Updated On - January 18, 2023

Simple Methods to Fix 0xc10100aa Error in Windows

“When I encountered the 0xc10100aa error in my Windows system, I was panicking. It seemed that no matter what video file I tried to open in the Movies and TV app, it would always give me this same error message – “Your device does not contain enough memory to run this.” What was wrong with…

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Updated On - January 04, 2023

Fix VLC Error Your Input Can’t Be Opened

Summary: Here, we will talk about a quite common VLC error, “Your Input Can’t be Opened.” This error mostly occurs while streaming YouTube videos. VLC is a commonly used media player which is compatible with all audio/video file formats, local media files, and videos from YouTube and other related websites. ‘Your Input Can’t Be Opened’…

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Updated On - November 02, 2022

Fix the Windows 11/10 Error “Missing Codec 0xc004f011” 

Are you getting the “missing codec 0xc004f011” error on Windows 10 or 11? “Missing Codec 0xc004f011” is an error that can occur when trying to play a media file. The error typically indicates that the computer does not have the required codec to play the file. In most cases, the codec can be downloaded and…

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Updated On - December 29, 2022

Simple Way to Add Watermark to Video

Watermark helps you to protect your copyright as it discourages the reproduction, sharing, circulation, publishing, and exploitation of your work without your consent or permission. It also helps you to create, give identification, disperse, and protect your brand. In the present blog, we are going to discuss how to add a watermark to your video….

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Updated On - October 17, 2022

8 Best Ways to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing on Android Issue

Summary – It is highly frustrating when you are unable to play YouTube videos on your Android device. You might have seen errors like ‘Tap to retry’ or ‘Connection to server lost.’ There can be distinct reasons behind such errors. Follow this post to know more about the YouTube videos not playing issue and discover…

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Published On - September 28, 2022

9 Solutions to Resolve YouTube Videos Not Playing in VLC

VLC is a free, open-source media player developed by the VideoLAN project that can be installed into Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. It is a fully feature-loaded video toolkit that is not only limited to playing your local video files but is also designed to stream YouTube videos directly from the link. This media…

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