Category: Video Repair

Published On - May 26, 2023

How to fix Instagram videos not playing issue?

Instagram is the 4th most popular social media platform on the web and there are roughly 1.68 billion active users on it. So, it will be surprising if you use Instagram for your daily dose of entertainment. Majority of the users upload their pics or video on it and checkout reels (short videos). Additionally, it…

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Updated On - May 22, 2023

6 Best Ways to Fix Video Card Failure Issue

Summary: Are you facing issues with a video playing, display screen, and computer performance due to video card failure? Don’t worry; this blog will highlight common reasons behind video card failure and various effective solutions to come out of this issue. Sometimes, there is an issue with your video instead of the graphic card. Use…

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Updated On - March 03, 2023

Analyzing MOV Vs MP4 File Formats: Understanding the Differences

When you work with digital video and audio files professionally, then you know how important it is to get the right file format. There are two popular formats – MOV and MP4 – that are widely utilized in multimedia applications, but they don’t work equally well across all platforms or devices. In this blog, we…

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Updated On - May 18, 2023

Simple Methods to Fix 0xc10100aa Error in Windows

“When I encountered the 0xc10100aa error in my Windows system, I was panicking. It seemed that no matter what video file I tried to open in the Movies and TV app, it would always give me this same error message – “Your device does not contain enough memory to run this.” What was wrong with…

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Updated On - March 22, 2023

Fix VLC Error Your Input Can’t Be Opened

Summary: Here, we will talk about a quite common VLC error, “Your Input Can’t be Opened.” This error mostly occurs while streaming YouTube videos. VLC is a commonly used media player which is compatible with all audio/video file formats, local media files, and videos from YouTube and other related websites. ‘Your Input Can’t Be Opened’…

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Updated On - November 02, 2022

Fix the Windows 11/10 Error "Missing Codec 0xc004f011" 

Are you getting the “missing codec 0xc004f011” error on Windows 10 or 11? “Missing Codec 0xc004f011” is an error that can occur when trying to play a media file. The error typically indicates that the computer does not have the required codec to play the file. In most cases, the codec can be downloaded and…

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