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In older days, the normal medium to share a piece of information was text, magazines, and newspapers. The video medium has revolutionized the mode of information and content sharing completely. Nowadays, social media platforms are the biggest beneficiaries of utilizing a video for post sharing.

Different social media platforms have their specialties regarding video uploading and sharing. In the following sections, we will learn more about the best video format for YouTube and other social platforms.

Today, videos as a medium include a couple of sub-categories. These include short clips called Reels, animated videos, AI-created videos, screen recording, and whole movies too. Depending on the type of video that needs editing for a specific social media platform, you also require to know the suitability of the video formats too.

For instance, the best or most used video format for YouTube is ‘.mp4’, short for MPEG-4. MPEG-4, also known as Moving Pictures Expert Group-4. It encompasses a group of international standards. These standards include but aren’t limited to the compression of digital audio and visual data, multimedia systems, and storage formats. MP4 is the most common video format available universally and works on all types of players and devices.

Let us move forward from the talk of brief on best video formats for editing. Instead, prioritize towards thorough look at popular video formats.

Different video formats for formatting – Their pros and cons

  1. MP4
    Let us start with YouTube. Here, the format of videos is mp4. The elongated name of mp4 is MPEG-4, a standardized compression method for video/audio files. One plausible reason for this video format is that every type of video is available on the platform. Due to this, a standard video format helps the editing process swift and easy and improve the video quality suitable for viewers.. Besides that, other features remain user-friendly as well. You can use this video format for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    This video format also supports Android and iOS platforms and HTML web browsers. Knowing the detailed comparison between MP4 and MOV file formats is crucial. Doing so will assist you in making a better decision while deciding which video format to choose.

  2. AVI
    Another popular media format is AVI, also referred to as Audio Video Interleave. This media player became available for usage in November 1992, developed by Microsoft. This media player can contain audio and video data in a file container allowing synchronization in audio-video playback.
  3. MTS
    A short form for MPEG Transport Stream. It has recently seen an increase in its demand and curiosity. This type of media file usually is attached as an extension when videos are made by Sony or Panasonic camcorders, to name a few. In other words, videos with 720P and 1080P or higher resolutions.
    As cameras with premium quality are more readily available and are cost-friendly compared to a decade ago, recording high-resolution videos is becoming the new normal.
    A significant increase in this type of generic issue concerning video formatting and uploading has substantially increased. The potential reasons for such a scenario becoming a reality and practical solutions are something you should consider looking at.

    With several options to choose from regarding video formats in the present times, the issues while recording and processing have also increased.
    Such a scenario has happened to you, too? Just have a quick read of the below section.

Your media file got corrupted while editing. We got the right tool for you!

Occasionally social media platforms modify the requirements or specifications for uploading a video. Besides, while editing a video, the file may become corrupted due to known or unknown factors. If you have faced such a scenario, using a tool designed to tackle such issues is wise. One such tool is Kernel Video Repair Tool.

This tool saves time, money, and energy, allowing the resolution of the issue as quickly as possible.


Until now, you got to know three unique video formats for editing and the best suited for YouTube, among other social media platforms.

Users or YouTubers use YouTube as a platform to create, build, and sustain the business, connect with people worldwide, and showcase creativity. Generally, you perform all these activities without any issues during the process. But if you get stuck in the process, we have your back in repairing the video.

The video can be among the commonly available formats or some specialized formats, but the software will repair all the video files completely.

Kernel Video Repair
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