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Summary: The MOV file format, developed by Apple, contains audio, video, and subtitle data, similar to MP4. On macOS, both formats work, but on Windows, QuickTime or VLC is needed. MOV files can become corrupt due to improper shutdowns, incompatibility, improper conversions, transfer issues, storage device problems, compression, viruses, and malware. VLC can help address low-level file corruption, but an advanced solution like Kernel Video Repair is recommended for severe corruption. It offers a user-friendly interface and works on various Windows OS versions, with a free trial available. In the absence of native solutions, software tools like Kernel Video Repair are essential for addressing MOV file corruption and damage issues.

The MOV format is a QuickTime movie file, originating from Apple Inc. It is the native format for the QuickTime framework and encompasses various data types, including audio, video, and subtitles in text form..

The MOV file format closely resembles the MP4 format, as they both employ the MPEG-4 codec, making them mutually compatible within the QuickTime ecosystem.

MOV and MP4 file formats are compatible with Apple macOS. However, when it comes to playing MOV files on Windows, QuickTime Player is typically required. Nevertheless, VLC serves as a versatile alternative capable of playing MOV format files, thanks to its broad support for various video file formats.

A MOV video file can become corrupted or damaged, causing it to fail to play like other standard video formats, rendering the media content inaccessible. Consequently, the question arises: How can you effectively restore a corrupted or damaged .mov video file?

In the absence of a dedicated native tool to address this problem, VLC Media Player emerges as a strong solution due to its cost-free availability and regular updates. VLC boasts numerous valuable functionalities, including the capacity to play uncooperative video files, handle various media formats, mend damaged video files, and more.

Instant Solution

Download an automated tool Kernel Video Repair to fix corruption and damage issues of MOV video files. The software comes with a trial version with which you can save the repaired video file for up to 30 seconds for free.

Note: While VLC does possess the capability to perform file repairs, it is not primarily designed as a professional-grade repair tool, thus limiting its effectiveness in addressing severe file corruption or damage issues. Nevertheless, the VLC forum consistently receives inquiries from users encountering problems such as VLC’s inability to play MOV videos and various related issues.

We will provide instructions on repairing a corrupted MOV video file while also explaining the underlying reasons behind the corruption, damage, or inaccessibility of a .mov video file within the native media player application.

Before we discuss the fix straight away, let’s go through the points of why the MOV video file becomes corrupt.

Why MOV Video File Turns Corrupt

Improper System Shutdown
Improper system shutdowns can lead to damage in the bit pattern of MOV video files, resulting in file structure alterations. When a system shuts down abruptly, it abruptly terminates input/output operations, leaving the MOV file in an anomalous state.

Playing the MOV video file using alternative media player applications can result in corruption of the file header, rendering the file data inaccessible. To address this issue, one can opt to either obtain a video file converter or utilize a media player capable of handling various video file formats. Alternatively, certain applications may inadvertently overwrite the header information during media playback.

Improper Conversion
Not all media player applications universally support the MOV file format. Consequently, many individuals choose to convert it into a compatible format for their specific program. However, improper file format conversions can result in corruption and damage. Furthermore, if the conversion process is interrupted prematurely, the outcome remains unchanged.

Disrupted Transfer
Similar to the file conversion process, inadequate storage devices can render MOV video files susceptible to corruption. Various factors, such as the presence of bad sectors, logical corruption, viral infections, software conflicts, and more, can contribute to this unfortunate scenario.

Corrupted storage device-
While the MOV video itself may exhibit flawless quality, the integrity of the medium used to store it can be compromised. Occasionally, issues arise with the storage media, such as hard drives, pen drives, SSDs, and flash drives, or they may contain problematic sectors.

Compressed videos
Frequently, in order to decrease file size, videos are subjected to compression, which entails reducing the number of bits. It is imperative to execute this process on a reliable platform to prevent the creation of severely corrupted video files.

Virus and malware infection
A virus infection into the system can cause some serious trouble for the users. It can cause permanent damage to all the components.

How to Repair Corrupt MOV Video File With VLC Media Player

As previously mentioned, there is a possibility of MOV video files becoming corrupted or suffering significant damage. However, VLC Media Player can effectively address minor file corruption issues and resolve the problem of VLC not playing MOV videos in a less severe manner.

For detailed step-by-step instructions and more information on the same, go through the Free Methods to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video File guide, here we’ve provided steps with proper details, and because both MP4 & MOV file uses MPEG-4 format, the approach for fixing the issue is same.

Repair with VLC


There are certain conditions in which the need for Re-Indexing will arise, which are as follows:

  • When experiencing interruptions or sudden halts in audio and video playback, it may lead to the loss of audio and video data stored in bulk within the file.
  • If a MOV video file has been recovered from a formatted SD card or retrieved after deletion, there is a high likelihood that the file will not play, necessitating re-indexing.
  • Should inconsistencies arise in the file database, a similar issue may occur, which can be resolved through correction of the container structure. However, addressing this problem requires technical expertise.
  • A MOV file may display a black screen when attempting playback with multiple media player applications, often attributed to data overwriting and the occurrence of VLC not playing MOV video problems.

Ensuring an absolute resolution is essential to prevent an escalation of corruption. To provide some context, a single minute of MOV video encompasses 4000 frames comprising both audio and video components. Hence, any chosen method for resolving the problem must be capable of detecting and addressing all 4000 elements stored collectively within the MOV video file.

Thus, a tool with a 1/1000 fail rate will cause four (4) glitches in the repaired video, at the minimum and that wouldn’t make any difference in comparison with the corrupt media.

And that being the reason, we’d suggest using the the tool, as it fills the space in the absence of a native method for fixing the issue.

Advanced Solution to Fix MOV Video File Corruption & Damage

Kernel Video Repair is an advanced solution to the issue of MOV video file corruption & damage.

Video Repair Tool

The software comes with a user-friendly interface, featuring an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive GUI. Furthermore, it is compatible with all versions and builds of the Windows operating system. You can download the software on any Microsoft Windows environment. If you have any doubts about how the tool functions or its reliability, you have the option to download a trial version. With this trial version, you can repair corrupt video files and save up to 30 seconds of the video file for free.


When no native solution or tool is available to tackle the problem of corrupted or damaged MOV video files, software becomes the most viable option among the various resources accessible online.

Kernel Video Repair