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Summary: Learn how to repair corrupt VOB files in this blog post. Understand the causes of VOB file corruption, such as incomplete extraction or hardware issues. Explore solutions like changing file types, using different media players, and repairing with VLC or QuickTime. Discover a comprehensive tool that can fix various video file formats. Download and install the tool, add and repair video files, and save the repaired files. The blog offers manual solutions for both Windows and Mac users, emphasizing the efficacy of automated software to fix video file corruption.

Have you intended to organize a movie night with friends but faced a setback due to a corrupt VOB file? Worry no more; you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Here, we’ll present solutions to effortlessly repair those corrupted VOB files.

Before we move forward with this blog, let’s first know a bit about VOB files and how they end up being corrupt.

A VOB, short for DVD Video Object, resides within the TS VIDEO directory and follows a MPEG-2 system stream format. This versatile file format is compatible with numerous media players, ensuring seamless playback on the most up-to-date ones. However, older media players might encounter compatibility challenges when attempting to play VOB files.

What Causes Corruption in a VOB File?

As we proceed methodically towards finding a resolution and addressing all critical aspects, let’s delve deeper. We should explore the factors that make a VOB file susceptible to corruption and how it can become corrupted. By steering clear of the practices outlined below, you can minimize the risk of ending up with a corrupted VOB file.

  • You have not performed a complete extraction – always make sure that you complete the extraction process if you have started it.
  • Any type of issue or failure of hardware. In such a situation, always try to reach a technician or expert.
  • Your DVD disc is damaged.
  • File system corruption will ultimately interfere with files and make them corrupt.
  • Virus and malware attack. Always make sure that you have the best antivirus installed on your system, and you scan your system regularly.
  • Copyright protections may harm your video files.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned causes, and make sure you stop doing them right away.

How to Repair Corrupt VOB File

Having touched upon VOB file details and understanding their nature and potential corruption causes, let’s proceed to explore solutions for rectifying VOB file corruption.

  • Try Changing the File Type

The primary and essential action to address a corrupted video file is modifying its file format. Altering the file format enhances the likelihood of successful playback in your video player, free from any complications. Therefore, individuals experiencing a comparable issue might consider altering the file extension from VOB to MPEG. Video file conversion can be done through various online conversion platforms, with VLC Media Player being a reliable choice for this purpose.

  • Try Playing the VOB File on Any Other Media Player

An alternative method to resolve a corrupted video file involves attempting playback using an alternate media player. For example, if you’re using the ABC media player for a VOB file, consider trying playback with VLC media player. VLC may successfully run the video, as various media players utilize distinct codecs that can support specific video file formats. If the necessary codecs are present in a particular media player, the video should play on that platform.

  • Fix Corruption with VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player boasts extensive functionality, not limited to merely playing songs and videos; it can also address various other needs. A notable capability of VLC is its ability to repair damaged video files. To initiate the video file repair process using VLC Media Player, launch the application on your system and proceed with the steps outlined below.

  1. First, click on the Tools option and select Preferences from the menu.
  2. select Preferences

  3. Now, select Input/Codecs from the category.
  4. select Input/Codecs

  5. Finally, look for the Files section, and there select Always fix from the drop-down next to the Damaged or incomplete AVI file. Click on Save once done.
  6. select Always fix

  • Fix for Mac Users

QuickTime has always been a key application for Mac users. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats and has various advanced features. One such feature of the QuickTime application is that it can repair corrupt or damaged video files very easily and effectively. The process is also very simple and easy.

To start, open the QuickTime player on your Mac and follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on the File option on the menu bar.
  2. Choose the Open File option, browse to the file location, and select the corrupt VOB file.
  3. Once the file is selected, click on the Open button.
  4. A pop-up error message is thrown that the file cannot be opened or played.
  5. At the bottom of the pop-up window, click on the Resolve File button. With this, QuickTime will automatically repair the file, and it can now be played seamlessly. You can keep the changes by saving the file.

While Mac OS boasts enhanced security and resistance to malware and virus attacks, it is not impervious to them. It is advisable to have an antivirus program installed on your system for added protection. Utilizing the antivirus software allows you to scan and rectify or remove any files or applications that may be infected. Routine maintenance of your computer by cleaning it up helps prevent potential corruption and file damage.

  • Try Kernel Video Repair

Repairing a video file while preserving its full integrity is a challenging endeavor. Consider utilizing Kernel Video Repair for this purpose. This software is proficient in mending various types of impaired, fragmented, inaccessible, and corrupted video files. Its capabilities extend beyond just VOB files; it can effectively restore numerous other video file formats, including MP4, MOV, MPEG, MJPEG, MTS, M4V, MKV, AVI, AVCHD, WEBM, ASF, WMV, FLV, DIVX, 3G2, TS, 3GP, M4A, and F4V. The tool boasts an array of remarkable features that become evident upon utilization. Let’s delve into how this tool operates and explore its compelling features.

  1. Download the tool from the website and install it properly on your system.
  2. Once installed successfully, run the tool on your system. As the tool opens, click on the Add icon on the home screen of the tool. As you click on this option, you will get to choose the video file(s) that you want to repair.
  3. Download the tool

    Note: At the time of selecting the video file, you can add single or multiple video files at a time.

  4. Once added, click on the Repair Files option. If you are still not satisfied with your selection, you can click on the add (+) or remove (-) icons to add and remove the files until you are satisfied with your selection.
  5. click on the Repair Files option.

  6. Now, it is time to provide a destination to the video files that are going to be repaired. Once added a destination click on OK to proceed.
  7. provide a destination to the video files

  8. As you proceed, the repair process of the video file(s) will start. You will get to see the progress report on the screen of your tool.
  9. the repair process of the video file(s) will start

  10. Once the repair process is over, click on the Close button.
  11. repair process is over


In this blog post, we’ve explored effective methods to address the fix video not playing issue related to VOB files. We’ve delved into the causes of VOB file corruption and outlined various manual remedies tailored to meet user needs, considering both Windows and Mac platforms. However, the most comprehensive solution for resolving corruption in VOB files is utilizing Kernel Video Repair—an automated software designed to efficiently address the “fix video not playing issue” across varying levels of corruption. Experience the effectiveness of this tool by obtaining the demo version and saving the initial 30 seconds of the repaired video file at no cost. We trust this blog post has empowered you to successfully fix the VOB file by resolving the “fix video not playing issue.”

Kernel Video Repair