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Frequent queries related to the automatic stopping of the movie recording while using a recording device have flooded many forums. So, we decided to write a help blog to fix this problem through some manual ways.

This issue is common with the Canon users, and they feel helpless and irritated at the same time due to the issue of “Movie Recording Stopped Automatically” while trying to record any video using the device.

We have found some possible reasons for this issue as follows.

  • Recording device gets heated
  • Incompatible SD cards
  • No storage space
  • Low Write/Read speed of the card
  • Corruption in SD card

We are going to deal with the problem based on the above factors responsible for the issue.

Some quick fixes for “movie recording has been stopped automatically”

As soon as you realize that the movie recording is getting stopped automatically in between, try the following fixes:

  • Allow the device to cool
    If you have been using the video recording device for extended hours/minutes and feel hotness on its surface, then the wise way is to turn off for some time and allow it to cool off.
  • Restart the recording device
    Most of the users perform this action to make the recording device reusable, and sometimes it would work.

More solutions

Commonly, the above quick fixes may not help you when the issue is more complicated than what you think. So, we have listed some more solutions to fix the “Movie recording has been stopped automatically” issue.

Format the SD Card
With multiple videos already there on the device along with cache and junk files, it would be difficult to record new videos on the available storage space, which can result in the sudden stopping of the recording.

In this situation, users can transfer the recordings of the SD card to their system and format it completely to make the storage space available again and make it free from temporary or junk files.

The recording device has a Format card option that users can use. Otherwise, connect the SD card to your system (if detachable) with the help of the Card Reader slot, right-click on the SD Card drive and then click on the Format option to do the formatting process. Then place the SD card on your device again and start recording the video.

Check the SD Card Compatibility
Sometimes users buy an SD card and start using it without caring about its compatibility with the recording device. Check if its configurations like Storage Space, Minimum Sequential Write Speed, SD Card type, etc. match your current device requirements. Device compatibility with SD Card should also be checked.

Try Another SD Card
It is another effective solution to continue the movie recording without interruptions. While going to purchase a new SD Card for your device, check for the configurations, high write speed (preferably Class6 SD card to Class10 SD Card), storage, etc. Take the advice of the store owner and remember to format the SD Card from your end before using it first time on your device.

Modify the Recording Resolution
For those users who do not have an option or desire to change the SD card, it would be better to work on the recording size of the video and change the resolution to a small number than the earlier as the recording may not support the currently chosen resolution. Also, lowering down the bitrate is a helpful action.

Get Firmware Updates
Take your device loaded with the SD Card to the store or firm to ask for the available firmware updates. Also, you can visit the website of the manufacturer for updates as to your model. It would update the associated drivers and may help in resolving the issue.

The abrupt stopping of the video in between can corrupt or damage the SD card and hamper the files and videos. In such a condition, one may not be able to access those recorded but corrupted videos. Ultimately users need a reliable solution to fix video not playing issues and also to repair corrupt or inaccessible video files.

Our recommendation to repair corrupt video files

We recommend a secure professional repair solution to repair corrupt, damaged, or inaccessible Windows media video files in all formats. It supports video files created in all recorders, including Canons, Drones, Camcorders, etc. The tool is known as Kernel Video Repair Software and is available as a free trial version from the website.

Kernel Video Repair

Check everything about the tool like features, price, working, etc. by visiting the website.

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