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Summary: WMV (Windows Media Video) files are a Microsoft format incompatible with macOS. Corruption can occur due to viruses, interruptions, or improper shutdowns. Fix with VLC or a professional tool like Kernel Video Repair, which supports various formats. Prevent issues with antivirus, organized storage, and backups.

For individuals utilizing Microsoft Windows, WMV files are a common format. WMV, an acronym for Windows Media Video, denotes a collection of video codecs and their associated coding formats created by Microsoft. Its primary purpose is to ensure compatibility with all Windows operating systems. However, due to their specific specifications and structure, these files are not compatible with macOS. Attempting to play a .wmv video on an Apple device will result in playback issues.

Instant Solution

Try automated tool Kernel Video Repair to repair corrupt, damaged or crashed WMV video files. The software is compatible with all Windows Media File formats.

Just like various other video file formats, WMV files can also experience corruption or damage, causing them to be incompatible with Windows Media Player, which is the default media player for Microsoft Windows. Below, we outline potential errors or forms of corruption that you might encounter.

  • Error Notification: “file could not be played.”
  • Frozen Frame/Frame Freeze
  • Codec Issue
  • No Sound
  • Crackled Sound & Distorted Sound
  • Video Crash
  • Black Screen
  • Damaged File

When the file is corrupt, it is difficult to identify the type of corruption or media error. To know more about the issues listed above, read Fixed: Top Five Common Video Errors

Reasons behind WMV File Turning Corrupt:

  • A virus attack
  • A video file, such as WMV, may become corrupted as a result of a serious virus intrusion. A Windows operating system is susceptible to viral infections when individuals browse unsecured websites, download cracked software, transfer compromised or virus-laden files onto the system, and engage in similar activities.

  • Removal of file extension
  • If the .wmv file extension is intentionally deleted or removed, the video file will no longer be functional. To play these media files, one can employ a workaround by right-clicking, opting for “Open with,” and selecting VLC or another robust media player.

  • Interrupted downloads
  • Sudden shutdowns
  • Abrupt system shutdowns can lead to file corruption or damage. It is advisable to exercise patience and allow ongoing file operations to finish before taking any action.

Some other reasons behind corruption in WMV video files are-

  • Corrupted storage media
  • Incompatible media player
  • Incorrect conversion of video format
  • Using outdated PC drivers

How to Fix Corrupt WMV File Issue?

We’d first suggest avoiding the events listed under the section for reasons why the WMV file turns corrupt.

However, in the event that the WMV video file has become corrupted due to various issues, we will provide step-by-step instructions for implementing methods that can effectively resolve the problem and restore proper functionality.

Open the Corrupt WMV File in VLC

VLC, developed by VideoLAN, is a robust media player software engineered to operate seamlessly not only on Windows OS but also across various Linux distributions and MacOS. VLC boasts inherent compatibility with a wide spectrum of video codecs. In cases where media files prove unresponsive to Windows Media Player or alternative media players, VLC stands as the ultimate remedy, offering supplementary tools proficient in mending and accessing files with minor impairments.

fails to open with Windows Media Player

You may have come across the error message mentioned earlier with no alternative solutions available. Instead of simply closing the error popup and exiting Windows Media Player, consider using VLC media player. By following the steps outlined below, you can avoid encountering the same error again.

  1. Select and right-click on the corrupt .wmv file and click Open with.
  2. Choose VLC media player.
    VLC media player
  3. The corrupt .wmv file, which was not playing in Windows Media Player, now will play in VLC. play in VLC

Convert WMV File to MP4 Format

If VLC failed to successfully play the corrupted WMV file, consider converting it to the .mp4 format. MP4 is widely recognized for its compatibility with various media platforms and devices. Additionally, it offers efficient compression for storing both audio and video data in a smaller file size. To perform this format conversion, we will once again utilize VLC. Please follow the provided steps below:

  1. Open VLC media player.
  2. Click on Media and select Convert/Save.Convert file
  3. Click the Add button and select the corrupt .wmv video file. Wait for the file loading to complete first then, move on to the next step. Click on Convert/Save dropdown and select Convert.select the corrupt .wmv video file
  4. Select Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4) file format. Click Browse for selecting a path to save the converted .mp4 file and click Start.
    Select Video

    Note: Unless you’re aware of what other settings would do when changed, don’t mess with other options available.

  5. Now, try playing the file using either Windows Media Player or VLC media player. The converted MP4 video file should play.

In instances of severe video file corruption, the previously mentioned methods may prove insufficient. VLC is primarily equipped to address minor file corruption issues. In such situations, a more specialized and advanced tool becomes imperative. If you find yourself facing this scenario, we strongly advise considering the use of a professional solution.

Such a condition demands a professional and advanced tool to address the issue, and if that’s the case with you as well, then we’d recommend using the tool.

Kernel Video Repair Tool

The Video Repair Tool offers compatibility with an extensive array of multimedia file formats, such as MP4, AVI, WebM, MPEG, MPEG2, M4V, 3GP, and more. It empowers users to effortlessly resolve various video file corruption and damage issues, all without the need for specialized technical knowledge.

To help you with the repair process, we’ve provided the steps below:

  1. Launch the tool.
  2. Click on the Plus icon to select the corrupt .wmv video file or you can drag the file and drop it here right-away.Add corrupt video to repair
  3. Browse and select the corrupted video file for repair.select the corrupted video file
  4. Click on the Repair Files button to initiate the repair process.Click on repair
  5. Note: If the tool asks to add a reference file, you need to browse and add that reference file which should be healthy, same resolution and taken from the same source.

  6. Add the destination path to save the repaired Video files.Select path to save repaired video file
  7. The video file will start repairing. You can view the live status and progress.live status and progress
  8. The corrupt .wmv video file is repaired and saved successfully; click Close. You can save the repair report in CSV format also.File saved successfully

Measures to prevent WMV errors

Having a sound understanding of preventive measures to safeguard WMV files from future corruption is consistently a prudent course of action. Below, we present a selection of such measures:

  • Install a strong anti-virus program on your system
  • Avoid overcrowding the memory card
  • Do not rename the .wmv file extension
  • Ensure there are no interruptions and power cuts during the transfer of videos.
  • Format your storage card and camera from time to time.
  • Most certainly take backup of all your video files regularly.


Many Windows users frequently utilize WMV files for video playback, a format developed by Microsoft. Unfortunately, WMV files are not compatible with various Apple media players, leading to potential incompatibility issues. Just like any other video format, WMV files are susceptible to corruption due to various factors. In most instances of minor file corruption, the VLC media player proves to be an excellent solution. This remarkable software boasts numerous advantages over its paid counterparts, including extensive codec support and a high likelihood of successfully playing video files.

However, in rare scenarios where standard troubleshooting methods fail to address multimedia file corruption and damages, you’ll find that it stands out as the best video repair software available, ready to assist you with resolving the issue.

Video – 3 Simple Methods to Repair Corrupt WMV Files


Kernel Video Repair