How To Repair Corrupt WEBM Video Files

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If you like watching videos online, you could thank the WEBM format of videos. Those sites that are known to use this video type range to quite a diverse range, namely YouTube, Skype, as well as Wikimedia. WEBM format is a type of video format which is generally used in web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome apart from the sites above like Skype, YouTube, and Wikimedia. Although WEBM is very dependable as a video format, like all other video formats, WEBM formats sometimes face some or many problems while playing them in either the media player or browser. This results in you know how to repair corrupt WEBM Video Files.

To deal with the procedures used to repair a corrupt WEBM video file, there is a necessity to understand what causes Corrupt WEBM. The causes may be thus enumerated:

Causes of WEBM video corruption

To deal with the procedures used to repair a corrupt WEBM video file, there is a necessity to understand what causes Corrupt WEBM. The causes must be enumerated:

  1. Outdated web browser: An outdated browser can come in the way of smoothly running a video file and an outdated one may not support a few video formats. In both cases, a WEBM cannot be played.
  2. Codecs are incompatible: Video codecs help in compressing and decompressing the video file. Here, WEBM files rely on VP8 or VP9 codecs for video and Vorbis or Opus for audio codecs. Using any other codec with the .webm file would not be well compatible and hence, the video will not play.
  3. The download is incompleteAn incomplete downloading process will restrict you from watching the video seamlessly. Also, be careful to download the file from a secure platform.
  4. Interruption while downloading: The downloading process must be uninterrupted at any cost. Any interruptions due to power cuts or system failure will corrupt the WEBM videos.
  5. Corrupted WEBM video file In case of even a slight corruption while transferring, converting, or repairing the video will put a huge impact on the WEBM files.
  6. Virus infection: A video download from an unsecured platform can open doors to various virus and bug infections on the system. This negatively impacts the entire system and its components within seconds.
  7. Flash is not installed or enabled: Flash player is a requirement to play any video on the internet. If it is disabled or not installed, your video will not play on any video playing platform.
Methods to resolve corruption in WEBM videos

Now, that we have enumerated the causes, let us try to find out how to repair corrupt WEBM Video Files. Following are the manual methods to resolve such corruption of the video files:

  • If the error is a result of an outdated or corrupt browser, make sure that you have an updated version.
  • Next, If the codecs used are incompatible, then appropriate and correct codecs as well as filters must be placed so that the WEBM video files can be played.
  • In case the download is incomplete, or the transfer is incomplete; it is always advisable that you download the file again.
  • Moreover, if bothered by the cache and temporary files, you can undo this issue by deleting all the cache data.
      Follow the steps to clear the temporary files-

    1. Click on the Start menu and then type ‘disk cleanup.’
    2. In the ‘Disk Cleanup’ window, select the ‘Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files’ option in the Settings tab.
    3. Now, select the files you wish to delete and finish the clean-up process.
    4. To clear the cache, click on “Windows + R” keys to open the “Run” command.
    5. In the Run window, write ‘WSReset’ and then click Ok. By running the above command, your cache files automatically get cleared. Now, see if you can play the WEBM files.

Dos and don’ts to keep in mind

Apart from these, we need to remember an old proverb “prevention is better than cure.” Therefore it is wise to protect oneself through certain dos and don’ts. Having said the above, here are the dos and don’ts which you could desire to avoid corruption of the WEBM video files in a media player:

  • Do not remove the memory card which you are still using.
  • Do safely remove the memory card before you remove it from the slot.
  • Do not click pictures or start recording videos when the battery runs towards going low.
  • Do be cautious while erasing those unwanted files
  • Avoid using the “Delete All” button of your Digital Camera
  • Do not mistreat your digital camera or memory card.

It often happens that these procedures prove to be ineffective. In such cases, people would lose their patience. But panicking is not a solution. What do you do? Well, if the manual methods fail to help you, then try how to repair corrupt WEBM Video Files with third-party software. One such software is the Kernel Video repair tool. The software is used in a few simple steps which are enumerated here below:

  1. Run the Kernel Video Repair software and press the + icon.Run Video Repair software
  2. Choose your videos. Then click Open.Select Video file to repair
  3. The tool has selected your videos. Click “Repair” icon.Start Repair process
  4. Provide a saving location.Provide a saving location
  5. Your video files are recovered, and you can visit their location and check them. Click Close to cancel the software.Video file is recovered

But what makes the above software or tool so important? Well, there are certain features that make this software fairly a worthy catch. Following are some of the many features of the software:

  • Repairs all the different types of inaccessible or corrupt videos.
  • It works for all such files irrespective of size.
  • Supports all the different formats of Windows files.
  • The software is capable of repairing all the different types of files, irrespective of the numbers.


In case you have been facing problems with playing the WEBM video files due to corruption, we hope this present writeup aids you. Moreover, when faced with corruption always trust the tool. It can access the video files of all the major formats and remove their corruption. The tool takes the least time to recover a large video file and presents a clean preview to you before saving it. It also saves the video in the same format it was created earlier.

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