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Summary: Monitoring software is crucial when employees’ efficiency wanes due to distractions like online activities. Such distractions can affect work quality and security. Computer activity monitoring software discreetly tracks employee activities, enhancing productivity and providing evidence. One standout tool is Employee Desktop Live Viewer, offering incognito monitoring, video recording, and configurable settings. It’s an invaluable asset for organizations seeking to boost productivity and security.

The necessity for monitoring software becomes evident when employees’ productivity and commitment fall short of expectations. Occasionally, employees may lose focus on their tasks, diverting their attention to activities like browsing the internet, using social media platforms such as Facebook, engaging in online shopping, or watching entertaining videos on YouTube. These distractions invariably lead to a decline in employee performance and work quality. The situation becomes critical when sensitive organizational information is compromised. Identifying who, when, and where this breach occurred becomes crucial. It is impractical to personally supervise every employee in the company to find answers to these questions. In such circumstances, the most effective solution is to employ computer activity monitoring software, discreetly deploying agents on each organization’s PC to ensure operational security and prevent potential losses.

Benefits of Computer Activity Monitoring Software

Tracking computer activities of employees helps in different ways:

  • To monitor activities without telling employees about the installed application.
  • To lock, restart and log off employee desktops if any illegal actions are noticed.
  • To view the live activities of the employees – in-house or remotely working.
  • To have better clarity about how employees are performing their daily tasks.
  • To have recorded proof of any instance you might need in the future to put as an evidence.
  • To understand your employees and their work capabilities better so as to improve the quality of work.
  • To monitor every employee closely so that others do not suffer due to one person’s fault.
  • To take your organization to the new heights of profit and success.
Choose the Best Monitoring Software:

When you make the decision to invest in monitoring software, it’s crucial to choose the best tool for the job. Here, we’re discussing an exceptional solution that meticulously records every activity while ensuring that no one is aware of their systems being monitored. Let’s delve into what sets this remarkable tool apart:

  • Monitor while being totally invisible with the incognito monitoring feature.
  • Record videos with the recording feature of the tool.
  • Save recorded videos at the desired location on your system for offline viewing purpose.
  • Search and find option, to look for any video recording from the previous dates.
  • Shut down, restart and turn off features for use in emergency times.
  • Assign viewing rights as per your requirement to other users.

The features mentioned above are just a glimpse of what this tool can do. While there are numerous monitoring tools available online, the one highly recommended by IT experts and organizations is Employee Desktop Live Viewer. Now, let’s delve into how this software operates.

There are tons of employee monitoring tools available online, but the best and reliable one recommended by IT experts and organizations is Employee Desktop Live Viewer application.

So, let’s get started to know how the software works.

Step 1: Launch Employee Monitoring software and click on Agent Configuration.
Employee Desktop Live Viewer Configuration

Step 2: Now, install agent (remotely) on computers that you want to monitor.

install agent to monitor

Note: You can add computers for monitoring in different ways (using IP address or IP range, browsing computers, or using Group Policy).

add computers for monitoring

Step 3: Configure General Settings as per your requirement.

Step 4: View live desktop activities of the employees.

View live desktop activities
So, this is how this tool can assist you to take your organization to the new heights. Because every organization has its own budget, so I can’t say if it is expensive or inexpensive for you. But it is for sure a value for money tool.

Final Words:

In the end, it all is for the organization to decide how they want to monitor when they want to monitor, and why they want to monitor the activities of their employees. Definitely, this software can help for monitoring employee activities as a powerful strategy for risk management, improve performance and avoid security threats. Also, one should keep a system for saving the recorded information after having set up the agents on employee PCs.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer