Monitor Employees’ PC Activity Without Their Knowledge

Avatar Pooja Awana Updated On - 06 Dec 2019

The need for a monitoring software arises when employees are not as hard-working and loyal as expected. Sometimes, employees stop focusing on work and get more indulged in activities like surfing the Internet, using Facebook, doing online shopping, watching funny videos on YouTube, etc. Due to all this, the performance and work quality of the employees gets degraded. The worst situation comes when employees leak the crucial information of the organization. It becomes important to find out who did it, when did it take place, and where did it take place. You will have no answer to these question as you cannot babysit each employee of the company. Here, the only thing that can help you and save from losses is a computer activity monitoring software that installs agents on every PC of the organization without letting employees know about it.

Benefits of Computer Activity Monitoring Software

Tracking computer activities of employees helps in different ways:

  • To monitor activities without telling employees about the installed application.
  • To lock, restart and log off employee desktops if any illegal actions are noticed.
  • To view the live activities of the employees – in-house or remotely working.

Choose the Best Monitoring Software:

The moment you take a call on purchasing a monitoring software, you must also decide to get the best software for the purpose. And, here we are talking about a brilliant tool that records every activity and that does not let anyone know that their systems are being monitored.

There are tons of monitoring tools available online, but the best and reliable one recommended by IT experts and organizations is Employee Desktop Live Viewer application.

So, let’s get started to know how the software works.

Step 1: Launch Computer Monitoring software and click on Agent Configuration.
Employee Desktop Live Viewer Configuration

Step 2: Now, install agent (remotely) on computers that you want to monitor.

install agent to monitor

Note: You can add computers for monitoring in different ways (using IP address or IP range, browsing computers, or using Group Policy).

add computers for monitoring

Step 3: Configure General Settings as per your requirement.

Configure General Settings

Step 4: View live desktop activities of the employees.

View live desktop activities

Final Words:

In the end, it all is for the organization to decide how they want to monitor when they want to monitor, and why they want to monitor the activities of their employees. Definitely, this software can help for monitoring employee activities as a powerful strategy for risk management, improve performance and avoid security threats. Also, one should keep a system for saving the recorded information after having set up the agents on employee PCs.