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Summary: The article discusses the challenges faced by a small business owner regarding declining employee performance, possibly due to excessive internet usage. It suggests three solutions: banning internet access, blocking specific sites, or implementing monitoring software like Employee Desktop Live Viewer for discreet oversight.

“I recently founded a small business, and my wife and I are dedicating significant time and effort to make it a success. I have high expectations for our employees to work diligently. Lately, I’ve noticed a decline in the performance of a few team members despite warnings. I suspect internet distractions may be the cause, but I’m unsure. I’m seeking a discreet solution to address this issue without demotivating them or invading their privacy. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

In today’s world, the internet has become an essential part of our daily lives, serving as a vital tool for finding information, connecting with loved ones, and more. People rely on it constantly, even in the workplace. Unfortunately, it’s observed that some employees use the internet for personal activities, such as social media, online shopping, and chatting. While breaks are encouraged for refreshing, excessive personal internet use can become an issue. To address this, the solution often lies in effective monitoring.

Yes, Employee monitoring tool is the best solution to look over your employees and their activities. But you can’t do it physically, not every time and not every employee. So, in such a case, by taking some help from the technology, it is possible to monitor employees and their Internet usage remotely.

What is the Best Possible Solution for the User’s Query Mentioned Above?

The user has expressed concerns about establishing their new business and the perceived lack of dedication from their employees. While uncertainty exists, they suspect internet misuse might be a contributing factor. An owner typically has a good grasp of their firm’s dynamics, making internet misuse a significant concern. To address this issue, we will explore three potential solutions one by one.

  • Banning the Internet Completely
    A practical approach to minimizing internet distractions and enhancing employee focus at work is by implementing a complete ban on internet access within your premises. If you believe that the internet is hindering your employees’ productivity, why not consider eliminating it altogether?

    Another option is to limit internet access to a select group of trusted staff members while imposing a total ban on others. However, this approach is only feasible if your business operations don’t rely on internet-based information collection or submission. If internet connectivity is essential for your employees to perform their tasks, then consider the second solution.

  • Banning Specific Sites

    An effective approach to maintaining discipline is by blocking access to specific distracting websites on the internet. It’s well-known that social media sites are a major source of distraction in the workplace. Therefore, it’s advisable to completely prohibit access to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Additionally, e-commerce sites can also be a significant distraction, with employees spending excessive time browsing products. To address this, it’s crucial to strictly deny access to shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay.

    By implementing these measures, you can effectively regulate activities in your office and redirect your employees’ focus towards their work. However, it’s important to note that this approach may not be suitable for businesses involved in digital marketing, social media marketing, and similar fields. If this solution isn’t a good fit for your organization, let’s explore the next idea.

  • Use a Monitoring Software in Your Organization
    If none of the previously mentioned solutions align with your needs, consider the most practical and favored alternative. Introducing monitoring software into your organization provides superior control over internet usage and work regulation. This software allows you to monitor your employees both on-site and remotely, eliminating the need for physical supervision. Additionally, it offers valuable benefits, such as providing evidence when necessary.
Which Monitoring Software Should You Pick?

If you’ve made the decision to implement monitoring software within your organization, it’s crucial to choose a reputable solution. Considering the owner’s preference for discreet monitoring, we recommend Employee Desktop Live Viewer. This monitoring software operates covertly and is an ideal choice for your monitoring needs. Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool can efficiently monitor a single or multiple employees, recording their activities and storing them for offline access. It even allows for remote system control. Discover the full range of benefits by installing this software. For more information about the tool, visit the web page of the tool.


In this blog post, we’ve explored strategies for managing employees’ personal internet usage during work hours. We’ve provided practical ideas to help employers regain control in such situations and introduced the use of a monitoring tool, specifically “Employee Desktop Live Viewer.” This tool discreetly monitors multiple systems and conveniently displays their activities on a single screen with separate recordings. We hope this blog has proven valuable to you.

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