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Summary: The article introduces the best free Employee Desktop Monitoring Software for remote work surveillance. Monitoring ensures accountability, productivity, and guards against data breaches. Employee Desktop Live Viewer is highlighted for its secure and efficient monitoring capabilities, offering a 15-day free trial. The tool boasts features like live monitoring, dual-screen tracking, and remote system control, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance. Easy installation, customizable settings, and video recording options make it a comprehensive solution for efficient workforce management.

Are you tired of scouring the internet for a dependable, feature-rich tool to monitor employees working remotely? You’re in the right place. This article introduces the best free Employee Desktop Monitoring Software currently available. Read on for valuable insights.

Employee PC monitoring is crucial for organizations to ensure accountability, enhance productivity, and safeguard against data theft, unethical activities, or information breaches by employees. It fosters a culture of discipline, responsibility, and ultimately cultivates a high-performing workforce aligned with the organization’s goals.

When it comes to monitoring solutions, numerous professional utilities abound, but we’re here to present the finest. The Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer ensures top-notch security, efficiency, and productivity in monitoring, all available for a trial period of 15 days at no cost. Allow us to delve deeper into this exceptional free monitoring software – the EDLV.

What Does the Free Employee Desktop Live Viewer Tool Offer?

Users are advised that this advanced employee computer monitoring utility is accessible on its official website for a free download. Simply provide some basic information, and you can proceed to download. After installing the tool on your system, launch it. The interface will appear as follows.
Welcome screen of Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Go through some of the useful features and facilities provided by the best employee computer monitoring software the Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer. You can try all these features free and use them for an entire week without any charges.

  • Monitoring of PCs in all geographical regions
  • Monitoring of dual screen systems
  • Monitoring without the knowledge of employees
  • Live monitoring as well as recording of employee systems
  • Monitoring without pauses or interruptions – Monitoring/recording continues even if the system restarts
  • Offline monitoring – the tool offers recording option to facilitate offline monitoring

In addition to monitoring employees working from home, the tool also allows the management to Warn, Shutdown or Restart the Employees systems in case of an emergency situation.

Features Offered by EDLV

Some other facilities offered by this free monitoring software are described in detail below:

  • Easy addition of multiple systems for monitoring
    You have multiple options to add user systems for monitoring. These options are –

    Using IP addresses: It allows adding a single system by providing its IP address; similarly, multiple systems can be added by providing a range of IP addresses.
    Add IP address of single or multiple systems
    Browsing from the network: If you want to add the systems in your network for monitoring, just use the browse option and select the computers for monitoring.
    Add the systems in your network for monitoring by Browsing them
    Using a CSV file: For adding employee systems in bulk for monitoring, you can use a CSV file containing IP addresses of the systems.
    Using a CSV file method

  • Easy installation of agents on user systems – manually or using GP
    After the addition of systems, you can install agents on them in two ways – manually or using a Group Policy.
    Manually – In this, you need to save and install the agents manually on user systems.

    Using Group Policy – It is possible to use a Group Policy to install agents on multiple systems in a single domain.
    Use a Group Policy to install agents on multiple systems

  • Monitoring Settings
    Users can make use of various setting and options to customize the monitoring process. Let us have a look at some of the options.
    Monitoring Settings
    Users can browse and add the location for saving all the recordings. There is a facility to add retention days and size limit (in GB) for the video recordings after which the recordings will get auto deleted. Other settings include Picture Quality and Monitoring Speed.

    Last, but not the least, users have the choice to send a customized pop up message at the desired Notification Frequency letting employees know they are under surveillance.

  • Live Viewing, Recording and Downloading
    Managers can see the live desktop activities of employees anytime by selecting any system in the viewer application (this tool also allows to delegate viewing rights to multiple users).

Live Viewing, Recording and Downloading
On the selected Video recording, you have multiple actions to perform like Generating Video, Watching Video and Downloading Video.
selected Video recording
So, as you have gone through the features offered by the best free pc monitoring software, you experience them yourself now.

With the trial version of the software, you can enjoy all the above mentioned facilities for free for a period of 15 days.

To continue using this advanced monitoring utility – the Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool – for unlimited time period, you need to purchase the tool.

Summing Up

We’ve compiled the crucial features of the free Employee Desktop Live Viewer (EDLV) monitoring tool. It enables real-time monitoring and recording of all employee systems. You can protect your system data and your organization well-disciplined with this best free monitoring tool.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer