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Summary: Businesses rely heavily on servers for critical applications and data. Real-time desktop monitoring is crucial for security. This article introduces its benefits and offers an alternative, Employee Desktop Live Viewer, as a cost-effective solution for tracking employee activities.

In today’s business landscape, the reliance on physical or cloud servers for hosting essential applications and critical data has become pervasive. These servers are indispensable for seamless organizational operations, necessitating ongoing auditing through real-time monitoring.

This empowers you to understand your employees’ activities on their desktops, a critical aspect given the importance of data. This article is designed to guide you in mastering the fundamentals of real-time data monitoring.

What is Real-Time Monitoring?

Real-time monitoring involves actively observing events on a desktop or device as they occur. This enables prompt, targeted responses to emerging issues, making it a crucial process for safeguarding a company’s digital assets and utilities.

Need for Real-Time Data Monitoring

Many enterprises grapple with the decision of whether to adopt real-time data monitoring. The choice depends on factors such as the specific industry in which you operate.

Real-time monitoring offers numerous benefits, yet it comes with its share of drawbacks. Establishing a real-time monitoring environment can be costly, leading to increased expenditures, operational complexities, and potential hassles.

If implementing real-time data monitoring proves too costly for your business, consider an alternative solution like the Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool. This cost-effective tool allows you to monitor your employees’ activities effectively, offering a more budget-friendly option compared to traditional real-time data monitoring systems.

Advantages of Real-Time Desktop Monitoring

Real-time desktop monitoring provides users with a multitude of benefits, which is why it is a preferred practice for most enterprises in their operational environments. Here we have covered some of the major benefits of the Employee Computer Monitoring Software

  • Complete Recording
    Real-time desktop monitoring allows users to capture continuous snapshots, creating videos that offer a more vivid and accurate representation of activities on individual PCs or servers.
  • Alerts & Responses
    A real-time desktop monitoring system enables the setup of alerts for prompt response to any undesirable situations. For example, if you observe unauthorized activity on a system, you can instantly send an alert or warning to the employee. Alternatively, you have the option to shut down or restart the concerned system to rectify the situation.
  • Enhanced Productivity
    Realtime monitoring in your organization helps in improving the productivity of your employees. With continuous employee monitoring, it helps you keep an eye on all data transfers from your organization and know about unauthorized data accesses and data transfers.

These points sufficiently highlight the importance of implementing real-time monitoring in your organization. However, manual implementation of real-time desktop monitoring may not be feasible for all businesses due to its extensive nature. Instead, opting for automated software is a practical solution. This tool can also be employed to monitor employees working from home.

Automated Solution – Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer is a sophisticated and budget-friendly utility that enables you to oversee all your employees’ desktop activities from a single system. It’s equipped with intelligent algorithms, making it an ideal tool for your organization. The embedded features ensure its security and reliability, including:

  • Complete stealth monitoring on employees, including remotely working.
  • Monitors work-from-home employees.
  • Allow recording employee activities anytime and save the video for offline viewing.
  • Monitor employees desktops even without their knowing.
  • Perform live recording of all active desktop screens.
  • Offer monitoring of desktops in multiple domains.


Implementing real-time data or network monitoring in your organization can significantly enhance data security. It enables you to analyze your employees’ activities, leading to improved productivity and efficiency. In this article, we’ve presented a cost-effective alternative for conducting real-time data monitoring.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer