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Productivity is one big factor in an organization; it can decide the direction where the company would be going. Nowadays, it has become a trend to understand what makes a good office environment that nurtures & nourishes the workforce in all the ways, and the same can be seen in the practices of global tech giants like Alphabet, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

Being productive is not the one-way task, it includes various activities like learning, creative thinking, implementing, presentation, etc. Thus, the workforce which hogs the above-stated activities, which in other words can also be framed as qualities, would be benefiting not only for the company but for themselves, their comrades, and to other people as well.

Similar-to-the likes of tech giants, nowadays other companies have also adopted (or had started adopting), the same approach with which they can ensure the two-way benefits, as precedented above though, the degree of positive outcome may vary, but the efforts are being put.

But how would you ensure that employees in the office stay productive and utilize the best out of the work hours? In traditional ways, essentially it is not possible to council all the employees all the time and bounding them with limited use of office resources is also not ethical, but it is important to make sure the fulfillment of results up-to the standard mark as per the organization.

Also, for companies & organizations, it is not only about the well-suited environment, facilities and maintaining the good vibe in premises, but Data also is one such factor that ranks high on the scale, and generally not everyone holds the access to everything, it is essential to maintain the secrecy & confidentiality of information. How would you do that? How would you prevent misuse of your business data?

And before we jump to our contextual need, let’s discuss what & how employees waste or make misuse of their work hours while being in office.

Using Social Media

It is imperative for organizations or companies to ensure that they provide such a workplace for their employees which is open and positive, where the work timeline doesn’t revolve around the traditional ways. The Modern approach is what which completes the real work environment, and social media has become a part of modern work life, which includes various activities like blogging, connecting, etc.

Monitor Social Media Activity

The approach of social media is not only limited to personal use, but it has made a remarkable impact on the corporate world as well. Companies embrace the approach of their employees in being the social advocates for the brand they represent, but behind the face of responsibilities, people put more time than assigned with social media activities and engagements in the name of work.

More than necessary involvement with social media turns out big waste of work hours and does not result as per the expectations. Social Engagement is important but exceeding use reveals the non-productive nature.

Improper Use of Communication Tool

Nowadays, using proprietary or third-party tools for internal communication is pretty common, it is preferred to avoid the need of reaching out to other people on the same floor or in a different cabin or on a different floor. But many use this non-personal medium of internal communication for private communication and sharing which somehow affects not only productivity but diverts the mind from being productive.

Monitor personal activity

Outstrip use of professional communication mediums violate the work ethics, and it concludes in a waste of time, the employee nature turns less work-oriented, and he or she wishes to continue the same secretly, which is the mere effort bluffing towards work.

Unnecessary Meetings

According to Harvard Business Review Study, one weekly executive meeting chucked out 300,000 hours each year. For this study, the Outlook calendars of three employees of a big company were checked.

Monitor irrelevant activity

It is common in many organizations where meetings are called more often to discuss things which could be summed up via emails or quick phone calls. Matter of the fact employees doesn’t oppose such meetings for saving time or so which outcomes in time loss. In a case like this, it is not only the employee who should be blamed, but managers must reframe the meeting structure for the mutual benefit after all a manager is also an employee of the organization.

A lot more factors exist which states how employees waste time during work hours, and not only the employees but sometimes the unit managers who also do the same thing in the name of meetings and other stuff. Brief examining of the whole work process and restructuring can help in boosting the productivity of everyone who are a part of the organization.

Make Use of a professional Monitoring Tool

Well, you can take a list of ideas under consideration to implement and make the office ecosystem better not for one but everyone.
For supervising employee activities and ensuring his or her productivity level instead of going with the traditional methods using an employee monitoring tool that is specially designed for the sole purpose auditing would be authentic. Free employee monitoring tool – Employee Desktop Live Viewer, is that software which serves the-purpose of monitoring and overseeing on employee activities.
Increase Employee Productivity Using the tool

Computer monitoring software is packed with distinctive features that are powerful and meaningful in regards to the office ecosystem. It offers outstanding countenances which maximize the approach of auditing though, keeping track of what is happening and what is not becomes super easy without hurting or letting the employees feel the wind of it.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is not just a mere tool; it is a medium with which to ensure the standard of productivity and the right use of work hours via the features like Multiple System Monitoring – which enables administrators to monitor employees PC activity without their knowledge, Turn-Off/Shutdown/Restart, Offline Video Search, etc.


Implementing the modern approach in organizations or companies not only helps in achieving the results faster but also affects employees in adapting to the new flow. Still knowing how things are going is not that easy, and Kernel’s EDLV tool fills the empty shoes at this moment. EDLV is the result of a professional approach and modern approaches to technology, which give auditors better control.

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