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Summary: Ensuring employee productivity and data security in the modern workplace is crucial. Monitoring social media activity, proper use of communication tools, and avoiding unnecessary meetings are discussed as productivity challenges. To address these issues, the article recommends using employee monitoring tools like Employee Desktop Live Viewer for efficient auditing and enhanced productivity.

Productivity stands as a paramount factor within organizations, shaping their future trajectory. Today, there’s a growing emphasis on creating a conducive office environment that fosters employee well-being and growth, evident in the practices of global tech giants such as Alphabet, IBM, and Microsoft.

Productivity encompasses a multifaceted spectrum of activities, including learning, creative thinking, implementation, and presentation. Employees who excel in these areas not only benefit the company but also themselves, their colleagues, and others.

Following in the footsteps of tech giants, many companies are now embracing similar approaches to achieve mutual benefits. While the degree of success may vary, these efforts are being earnestly pursued across various organizations.

However, ensuring employees remain productive and make the most of their work hours poses a challenge. Traditional methods cannot feasibly provide constant supervision for all employees, nor is it ethical to restrict their use of office resources. Nevertheless, it’s vital to ensure that results consistently meet the organization’s standards.

Moreover, for companies and organizations, it’s not just about creating a conducive environment with facilities and a positive atmosphere. Data security ranks high in importance, as not everyone should have unrestricted access. Ensuring the confidentiality of information is crucial. How would you do that? How would you prevent misuse of your business data?

Before delving into our specific context, let’s explore how employees often squander or misuse their work hours in the office.

Using Social Media

Organizations must prioritize creating an open and positive workplace environment that doesn’t strictly adhere to traditional work hours. Embracing a modern approach enriches the work environment, with social media integration now being a common facet of contemporary work life, encompassing activities such as blogging and networking.

Monitor Social Media Activity

The influence of social media extends beyond personal use; it has significantly impacted the corporate realm. Companies now encourage their employees to become brand advocates, embodying the essence of the brand they represent. However, amidst these responsibilities, individuals often dedicate more time than allocated to social media tasks and engagements in the name of work.

Excessive engagement with social media proves to be a significant drain on work hours and often falls short of expectations. While social interaction is important, surpassing reasonable limits highlights its non-productive nature.

Improper Use of Communication Tool

In contemporary workplaces, the use of proprietary or third-party tools for internal communication has become commonplace. It is often preferred to reaching out to colleagues physically, whether they are on the same floor, in a different cabin, or on another floor. However, the misuse of this impersonal medium for private communication and sharing can have a negative impact, not only on productivity but also on focus and effectiveness.

Monitor personal activity

Excessive reliance on non-professional communication channels goes against established work ethics, resulting in a significant loss of time. This can lead employees to become less focused on their tasks, and they may resort to using such channels covertly, ultimately undermining their productivity and commitment to their work.

Unnecessary Meetings

According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, a single weekly executive meeting consumed 300,000 hours annually. This analysis was based on a review of the Outlook calendars of three employees within a large company.

Monitor irrelevant activity

In many organizations, it’s a common occurrence for meetings to be convened frequently, even for topics that could be efficiently addressed through emails or brief phone conversations. Surprisingly, employees often do not voice opposition to such meetings, resulting in a loss of valuable time. In situations like these, it’s important not only to hold employees accountable, but also for managers to reevaluate the structure of these meetings for the collective benefit. After all, managers are also integral members of the organization’s workforce.

Numerous factors contribute to time wastage among employees during work hours. It’s worth noting that this behavior isn’t confined to employees alone; unit managers also engage in similar activities, often in the guise of meetings and other tasks. Conducting a thorough examination of the entire work process and implementing necessary restructuring can significantly enhance the productivity of all members within the organization.

Make Use of a professional Monitoring Tool

Certainly, consider compiling a list of ideas for implementation to create a more conducive office environment, benefiting not just one individual, but everyone involved.
To oversee employee activities and ensure optimal productivity, it’s prudent to move away from traditional methods and instead utilize a specialized employee monitoring tool designed specifically for accurate auditing. Free employee monitoring tool – Employee Desktop Live Viewer, is that software which serves the-purpose of monitoring and overseeing on employee activities.
Increase Employee Productivity Using the tool

The employee monitoring software comes equipped with powerful and purposeful features that significantly enhance the office environment. Its remarkable capabilities streamline the auditing process, allowing for seamless tracking without causing any discomfort or disruption for the employees.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer transcends being a mere tool; it serves as a means to uphold productivity standards and ensure the proper utilization of work hours. With features such as Multiple System Monitoring, which empowers administrators to discreetly monitor employees’ PC activity without their knowledge, as well as functions like Turn-Off/Shutdown/Restart and Offline Video Search, it offers comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities.


Embracing a modern approach in organizations not only accelerates results but also aids employees in adapting to the new workflow. However, staying informed about ongoing processes can be challenging. This is where Kernel EDLV tool steps in. It represents a fusion of professional and cutting-edge technological approaches, providing auditors with enhanced control and oversight.

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