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Summary: In the age of remote work, ensuring employee productivity can be a challenge. Employee monitoring tools, like Employee Desktop Live Viewer by Kernel, offer essential insights into work activities, promoting productivity, and safeguarding company assets. Legal and ethical considerations are paramount when implementing such tools.

Concerned about remote employee productivity? Monitor your team’s activities from a centralized location to gain insight into their work habits.

Employee computer monitoring software utilizes specialized software and hardware to conduct workplace surveillance, capturing data like work patterns, workstation availability, idle time, and more. Its aim is to enhance productivity and safeguard organizational resources. This article delves into the key aspects of employee PC monitoring, while also highlighting the benefits of the employee computer monitoring software and tools.

More about Employee Desktop Monitoring

Employee monitoring extends beyond mere workplace surveillance. It proves invaluable for organizations of varying sizes, offering critical insights into employee activities. This ensures adherence to best practices, vital for sustained organizational growth. By providing real-time tracking of employee activities, it ensures complete visibility, effectively deterring and mitigating any potential malpractice or misconduct that could have repercussions for the organization in the future.

Why is Employee Activity Monitoring Necessary?

Recent research by the International Data Corp (IDC) indicates that approximately 30-40 percent of employees’ internet usage is non-work related. Another study reveals that 21-31 percent of employees engage in unethical activities, including the unauthorized transfer of sensitive information like intellectual property and trade secrets to external parties, thereby jeopardizing critical assets and projects. In the United States, this phenomenon, known as goldbricking, results in an estimated annual productivity loss of nearly 40 percent.

  • Enhances Employees’ Productivity
    While working from home, many employees may not achieve their maximum productivity, leading to a potential waste of the company’s time and resources. Implementing employee monitoring allows you to gain insights into their activities, ensuring a more productive work environment during remote work hours.
  • Improves the Relationship Between Employer & Employees
    Regular communication with employees not only enhances overall productivity but also strengthens relationships. Employee monitoring facilitates the identification of mistakes, offering an opportunity for understanding and providing assistance to prevent recurrence.
  • Prohibit Employees from Violating Company’s Policies
    Employee monitoring empowers you to uncover any policy violations discreetly. This ensures that any attempts to breach company policies are swiftly identified and addressed.

Some other benefits of monitoring are:

  • It protects trade secrets and intellectual property from thefts.
  • It curbs fraudulent activities on time.
  • Saving and archiving monitoring videos can save the company in the event of legal lawsuits.
  • Curbs productivity loss by monitoring work.
  • Better resource management as manual supervision is not required.
  • Helps in spotting mistakes and threats early to find appropriate remedies in time.
How to Monitor Employees in Real-Time?

Before delving into monitoring tools, it’s crucial to consider the legal and ethical implications. Monitoring company-owned devices during business hours is generally permissible. However, situations like using corporate devices after hours or employees using personal devices during office hours can raise questions. Clear communication of monitoring policies between the company and its employees before implementing any monitoring program is essential.

If you’re in search of an exceptional monitoring tool, consider Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer. This unique multi-system monitoring tool records employees’ activities effectively. Curious about the benefits of Employee Computer Monitoring Software? Explore the following key features:

  • It gives the authority to the administrator to remotely shutdown, restart, or turn off a computer. A warning message can also be sent directly to the employee in case of misconduct.
  • Easily assign viewing rights to multiple users.
  • Option for the pop-up message for alerting.
  • It provides numerous ways to add systems for monitoring.
  • Customizable settings and options, including picture quality.
  • Invisible monitoring.
  • Automated and offline monitoring.
  • Dual screen monitoring.

Welcome screen of Employee Desktop Live Viewer


In the era of remote work, understanding your employees’ productivity can be challenging. Monitoring tools offer clarity. This article delves into three critical monitoring aspects. For reliable and feature-rich employee monitoring, consider Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer. It ensures enhanced productivity and compliance with Acceptable User Policies (AUP).

Employee Desktop Live Viewer
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