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get to know how you can monitor employee activities easily. Increase work efficiency and output from employees by monitoring their computer desktop activities. Best Employee Desktop Live Viewer Tool.

Increase Employee Productivity with User Activity Monitoring

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Productivity is one big factor in an organization; it can decide the direction where the company would be going. Nowadays, Read More

How to Monitor Employee Skype Chat Conversations?

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Skype, a widely used multiplatform telecommunications software product which specializes in services like Video Chat, Text Chat, Voice Calls, is Read More

Monitor Employees’ PC Activity Without Their Knowledge

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The need for a monitoring software arises when employees are not as hard-working and loyal as expected. Sometimes, employees stop Read More

Why stealth monitoring is necessary to manage your workforce?

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For an organization, security of its data and productivity of its workforce are highly important. Losing control of any of Read More

How to secure your kids from internet addiction & associated cyber risks?

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Modern kids are technically adept, and they are well equipped with latest technologies that are cackling in the market with Read More

How to prevent misuse of your business data?

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Security of vital business information is a foremost need for every organization. This information may be stored on multiple computers, Read More

How Employee Monitoring Tool Helps in Boosting Employees’ Productivity?

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In organizations, each employee is directly responsible for contributing to the organization's growth and its overall productivity. However, organizations have Read More

Using employee activity monitoring as a powerful strategy for risk management

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Businesses do not establish overnight but can get ruined overnight. It is a proven fact that employees play a vital Read More