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The growing pandemic has made remote work culture as a regular norm and because of this keeping a track of all the work from home employees is tough. Screen monitoring is one such process that helps keep track of the employees working remotely. It includes keeping track of the websites visited by the employees, break time, system time and actual working hours. With this software the managers can take screenshots of their employees’ system.

Most of the companies with work from home employees are adopting screen monitoring software for qualitative work results. It helps in improving productivity by making sure that the employees are not sitting idle during working hours.

How does Screen Monitoring Works?

Screen Monitoring is a software used by the companies that capture screenshots of the system of the employees working from home at regular intervals.

Below are the steps to be followed for using this software:

  • Invite the team for the software
    The initial step is to invite the employees to allow access to their screens. The monitoring will be possible only when the invitation is accepted by the employees.
  • Ask the employee to run the application
    The next step is when the employees need to install the application on their desktop to allow the manager to track the progress through the screenshots. Once the installation is done, the employee will give the admin access and application will automatically take screenshots at regular intervals.
  • It provides live tracking
    The software continuously shares the screenshots of the employees’ system on the web. It helps in real-time analysis and know what the employees are doing during working hours. Managers do not need to separately install the application as they can directly see the progress report on web.
  • All reports are accessible
    All the captured data is saved on the web. This allows the employers to access reports anytime they want. Apart from tracking the progress report it also helps the employers to plan further strategies to improve employee productivity.
Types of Screenshot Monitoring

There are two types of screenshot monitoring to capture regular work of the employees.

  1. Manual Screenshot
    Manual Screenshot Monitoring is the process where the employer sets the time and the employee whose system screenshot needs to be taken. Manual screenshot is effective to an extent if the company wants to target a particular employee and is suspected with some fraudulent activities.
  2. Manual process is time consuming and is considered unfair to the employees. It shows biasness towards the working class and makes them less efficient.

  3. Automatic Screenshot
    In Automatic Screenshot Monitoring, the system takes the screenshot of the targeted employees. This is an easy process and does not demand manager time and efforts. It saves a lot of time and labor which can be further utilized for planning important strategies. In this way no particular employee can be targeted. and you can easily track the user internet and browser activity from your own computer system.
Benefits of Screenshot Monitoring
  1. Efficient Productivity
    When the employees are aware that their activities are being captured, they are more vigilant and work effectively. This naturally increases their productivity.
  2. Remote work assessment
    Screenshot monitoring helps to stay connected with the remote employees. This helps the employers to visualize better and keep a track of all the daily activities.
  3. After all the discussions and process about screenshot monitoring, one of the most important question arises is whether Screenshot Monitoring legal? Yes, Screenshot Monitoring is legal until it’s done in the right manner i.e. maintaining employee privacy.

Kernel Computer Activity Monitor

One such professional tool that keeps track of all the employee activities is Kernel Computer Activity Monitor. This tool can easily monitor unlimited number of computers simultaneously. It takes automatic screenshots of the system at regular time intervals.


Screenshot Monitoring is an important activity to ensure that the company resources are being used effectively and efficiently. But employers must use this tool cautiously keeping in mind the personal freedom of the employees. Kernel Computer Activity Monitor is a professional tool that keeps in mind the work of both the employers and employees.

Kernel Computer Activity Monitor