Methods to Log Clipboard Entries On Windows 10/11

Bob Maria
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The clipboard is one of the fundamental parts of a computer operating system. It is one of the most important features using which you can cut, copy, and paste various items on your computer. In earlier versions, the clipboard could hold a single item at a time. In Windows 10, the clipboard feature can store up to 25 items (size less than 4 MB) which include images, texts, links, and more.

In 2018, Windows 10 came up with a feature called clipboard history using which copy-pasted up to 25 items.

Here, we would perform various tasks using a Windows clipboard.

Manual method to log clipboard entries in Windows 10

Step 1: Click the Start button and select setting
Step 2: Click System.go to system
Step 3: Select Clipboard from the navigation pane on the Clipboard
Step 4: Now, you can view the clipboard history anytime by pressing Windows + V in any program.

The manual method of logging clipboard entries on Windows is a tedious task and does not guarantee accurate performance. To cater to the quality needs and to keep track of every command on the computer, we have specially designed employee monitoring software that works wonders.

One such software is Kernel Computer Activity Monitor. This excellent software keeps track of all the computer activities by taking screenshots of the computer screen at regular intervals. The tool automatically deletes all the outdated monitoring logs in the HTML format without making any changes to the employee data.

Kernel Computer Activity Monitor comes with endless features. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Internet Monitoring
    This software keeps track of all the internet activities. This includes all the browsing history, all the recent pages visited, and the latest activities performed.
  • Consolidated Log Recording
    The tool keeps a record of all the logs based on different employee activities. It includes multiple logs such as keystroke logs, Internet Activity logs, Application history logs, clipboard logs, email history logs, and printed document logs.
  • Access Application Reports
    Kernel Computer Activity software helps keep a record of all the applications accessed by the user. You can get access to all the applications along with the application name, launch time, and executable path.
  • Monitors Email Activity
    The software provides the complete details of all the accessed emails. This includes the date, time, subject, attachments, and much more. You can also check the content of every email sent or received.
  • No change in data
    One of the most attractive features of the tool is it remains hidden from the employee and performs all the activities without being noticed. There is no change in any employee data, no alteration in any file, or risk of any data leakage.
  • User-friendly interface
    It comes with an interactive interface that is user-friendly and straightforward. It includes all the major activities which can be easily accessed from the home screen.


Clipboard history is an important feature provided by Windows 10. One of the major drawbacks of this feature is that you can copy multiple items at one time but past only one at a time. To overcome this drawback, Kernel has launched a special tool primarily designed to cater to this issue.

Kernel Computer Activity Monitor