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Summary: With kids accessing social media at a young age, ensuring their online safety is vital. Parents can gain trust, friend them on social media, check privacy settings, monitor history, and employ tools like Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer to protect and guide their children in the digital world.

In today’s digital age, children have effortless access to social media, television, and smartphones. Even very young kids are creating their own Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. However, as technology’s influence grows, parents are understandably worried about their children’s safety online.

According to reputable surveys, ‘more than half of children have joined an online social network by the age of 10.’ Thus, it is imperative for parents to provide thorough guidance to their children about internet usage and the creation of social media accounts. In a world where almost everyone is on social media, it is crucial to safeguard children from the potential dangers of the internet and social networking.

In this blog, we shall discuss some important ways in which you can monitor your children’s social media activities including how to use one of the best computer monitoring software for 2022 to track your child’s activities on his computer.

  • Gain their trust
    Building trust is paramount when monitoring your child’s social media engagement. For teenagers, engage in open discussions about their peer group and the reasons behind their desire for social media accounts. If your child is under 13 and still wants to create an account, it’s crucial to explain the potential risks associated with the digital world at such a young age.

    Ultimately, the decision to allow your child to join a social media site should rest with you. If you decide against it, maintain a healthy relationship by providing clear and valid explanations for your choice. Conversely, you can engage with your child by creating your own social media profile. This approach allows you to oversee privacy settings and monitor their activities regularly.

  • Friend them on social media pages
    Once your child creates various social media accounts, connect with them on all platforms. This way, you can keep tabs on their daily posts and news feeds, gaining insight into their online activity. You’ll also have the ability to quickly review their friend list and take action if you encounter any concerning content or behavior.
  • Check the privacy settings
    Monitor the privacy settings of their accounts diligently. Ensure that personal information like phone numbers and addresses remains private. Verify that the sharing settings for posts are set to private rather than public. It’s crucial to review these privacy settings and ensure that social media platforms restrict access to messages, photos, and personal details. Keep a close eye on the websites your child visits and limit access to those suitable for teenagers, thereby safeguarding your child’s online activity.
  • Check their social media history
    Be diligent in monitoring your children’s social media history. Review their complete browsing history, including recent tabs and past search records. If you come across anything suspicious, engage in a conversation with them to address your concerns and ensure their online safety.
  • Use Computer Activity Monitor
    In addition to manual monitoring of your child’s computer activities, you can install Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer. This exceptional employee monitoring software comprehensively tracks all computer activities, including keystrokes. It operates discreetly and can simultaneously monitor an unlimited number of computers, providing insights into every keypress and complete browsing history.

    every pressed key and the entire browsing history

Note: This tool is equally helpful as employee monitoring tool too. In the similar way an employer too can monitor the activities if his employees to assess their efficiency, productivity, punctuality and sincerity in working hours, their credibility least the organization loses any of its internal important data leaked or dispersed by any unfaithful or disloyal employee.


There are various methods to monitor your children’s computer activities, ensuring their protection from online threats. Equally crucial is educating them about the advantages and pitfalls of the digital realm and how to stay safe in the world of social media. However, for a foolproof and discreet monitoring solution, consider employing a professional employee monitoring tool. This tool is highly effective to track windows computer and user activity.

Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer
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