How to Monitor your Child’s Social Media Activity?

Bob Maria
Bob Maria linkedin | Updated On - November 16, 2022 |

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Nowadays, kids have easy access to social media, TV channels, and smartphones. Very young children are having their own Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter handles. But with the growing influence of technology, parents are rightfully concerned about the safety of their children.

As per reliable surveys, ‘more than half of children have used an online social network by the age of 10.’ So, parents ought to give proper guidance to children regarding using the internet and taking social media handles. Almost the entire world is using social media and it is high time that we protect children from the dangers of the internet and social media.

In this blog, we shall discuss some important ways in which you can monitor your children’s social media activities including how to use one of the best computer monitoring software for 2022 to track your child’s activities on his computer.

  • Gain their trust
    This is one of the most important things when it comes to controlling your child’s social media activities. If your children are teenagers, try talking to them about their friend circle and why they need social media accounts. If they are below 13 and still wish to create different then try explaining to them why the digital world is not safe for such a young age.

    Ultimately the decision should be in your hands whether to allow joining a social media site or not. Even if you do not allow for social media accounts, maintain a healthy relationship by clearly explaining the valid reasons. On the contrary, you can get involved with your child by creating a social media handle all by yourself. This way you can look through the privacy settings and keep a track of regular activities.

  • Friend them on social media pages
    Once your child creates different social media accounts, friend them on all the handles. This way you could keep track of their daily posts and news feeds. This can help you to understand how they are doing on social media. You can also do quick navigation through their friend list and can act in time if you find something fishy.
  • Check the privacy settings
    Keep track of the privacy setting of their accounts. Make sure that the phone number and address are not made public. Also, ensure that all the posts sharing settings are private and not public. It is important to check the privacy settings and make sure that all social media sites have limited access to messages, photos, and personal information. Keep a check on all sites your child is visiting and restrict access to sites that are not favorable for teenagers. This way you can secure your child’s activity.
  • Check their social media history
    Make sure to keep a check on the social media history of your children. You can view their full browsing history and take a look at all the recent tabs they have opened. You can also view their past search history and can make them understand if you find anything suspicious.
  • Use Computer Activity Monitor
    Apart from manual checks on computers to track your child’s social media activities, you can install Kernel Computer Activity Monitor. This excellent software tracks all computer activities, including keyboard strokes. This software can monitor an unlimited number of computers simultaneously in a completely hidden manner. It keeps you aware of every pressed key and the entire browsing history.

    every pressed key and the entire browsing history

Note: This tool is equally helpful as employee monitoring tool too. In the similar way an employer too can monitor the activities if his employees to assess their efficiency, productivity, punctuality and sincerity in working hours, their credibility least the organization loses any of its internal important data leaked or dispersed by any unfaithful or disloyal employee.


There are different ways to monitor the computer activities of children to safeguard them from malicious elements. Above all, it is important that you teach your children the pros and cons of the digital world and how to keep yourself safe in the social media world. However, using a professional tool like Kernel Computer Activity Monitor is the best option as it ensures foolproof monitoring of computer activities without their knowledge. This tool is one of the best tools purposed to track windows computer and user activity.

Kernel Computer Activity Monitor