Common Types of Employee Monitoring for Workplace

Bob Maria
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Monitoring and surveillance have been the talk of the town recently. It has now become a sheer need for companies to monitor employees computer who are working from home. In this blog, we shall discuss some important methods to track employee activities and why we need such monitoring techniques on a daily basis.

What is employee monitoring?

Employee tracking refers to the surveillance techniques used by an employer to monitor employee activities during working hours. This implies keeping a regular check on parameters like screen usage, system time, network usage, assigned tasks, locations, and much more.

The major reason is to improve productivity and efficiency and prevent unforeseen circumstances. It practices are required if you suspect that the employees are sharing confidential business information.

Common types of monitoring

Let’s explore some of the important means of employee tracking techniques.

  • Video surveillance
    Video surveillance is commonly done using closed-circuit television systems (CCTV). It is mainly used for security reasons to prevent theft and violence. Video surveillance can only be used to track employee locations or their availability on the workstations. It is virtually not possible to track each and every activity on employee systems.

    In some countries, VVTC cameras are used to keep track of the health and safety measures of the employees.

  • Keycards
    A keycard is assigned to every employee of the company. This card contains a chip that tracks every physical location of the employee within the office premises. The premises door will only open if the particular employee has access to that area.

    Keycards are a great tracking device for any suspicious incident. It also allows you to keep a regular check on the employee attendance and their physical locations. But this type of technique does not allow you to show whether the employees are actually working on their systems.

  • Email and network monitoring
    Email monitoring and network monitoring are more direct ways to track employee activities. Most companies have admin rights to the work email IDs to keep track of employee emails. It is strictly prohibited to use work emails for personal use. Email monitoring also allows filtering the emails before reaching the employee inbox. This way can help in cutting down the bandwidth and security risks involved. The companies should keep a regular check on filtered emails to prevent important emails from going into spam.

    Network monitoring involves analyzing incoming and outgoing traffic from the office network. Such networking programs help in recognizing malicious activity, infected computers, or any unusual network activity.

  • GPS Tracking
    GPS tracking is one of the best methods for monitoring the activities of employees who are in fieldwork. The companies can set up tracking devices on company-provided vehicles or mobiles. It can help in keeping a record of field activities, productivity, and time. It also ensures the safety of the employees who are working under unfavorable conditions.
  • Monitoring Software
    Nowadays, one of the most appropriate and easy ways to track employee desktop activities is by installing monitoring software. One such effective and trustworthy employee monitoring software is Employee Desktop Live Viewer. This powerful tool not only captures activities within the office premises but also monitors work from home activities. These records can be viewed in real-time or later whenever required.

    It helps in boosting productivity by, ensuring security and helps in early risk detection. This tool makes work easier and spurts the growth of the company by all means.


The software practice reduces waste time to monitor employees PC activity without their knowledge such that it doesn’t bother their work. It increases transparency and can provide better insights into the performance of every employee. The software can help you track employee working hours, idle hours, etc. It also helps to improve data security and helps prevent malicious activities.

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