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Summary: Employee PC monitoring, often misunderstood, actually aids organizational growth. It provides transparency, boosts productivity, and enhances skills. Kernel’s monitoring tool offers advanced features at a reasonable cost, starting from $29. Post-purchase benefits include lifetime license, technical support, and free upgrades. Strengthen your organization’s success with this tool.

Real cost of employee monitoringThe concept of employee PC monitoring is often met with skepticism, wrongly implying a lack of trust. However, it’s a tool for growth, not mistrust. While initial reactions may be negative, it ultimately fosters organizational development and success.

In order to effectively monitor employee activities, many organizations employ dedicated software. This system is integrated across various organizational systems, providing comprehensive oversight of individual activities. While there is a associated cost, it translates into substantial benefits for the company. This blog will delve into the expenses incurred by organizations when implementing monitoring software.

How these Software Benefit Organizations?

Every investment holds significance, underscoring the importance of understanding its benefits. Before delving deeper, let’s explore the advantages of employee activity monitoring software. Let’s begin.

  1. Avoid Mistakes: Employing monitoring software grants insight into employees’ activities, facilitating the identification of potential mistakes. This enables prompt correction and helps avert potential issues.
  2. Brings Transparency: Employee desktop monitoring software fosters transparency within the organization, instilling trust in employers that operations are running smoothly. This transparency, in turn, cultivates stronger employee-employer relationships.
  3. Skill Enhancement of Employees: While not a direct outcome, monitoring software indirectly aids in enhancing employee skills. How does it work? By observing employees’ work, you gain insights into their mistakes or areas for improvement, ultimately leading to the development of their skill sets.
  4. Accessibility: Employee monitoring software also enhances data accessibility and enables work from anywhere in the world. It empowers you to oversee every activity regardless of your location, ensuring seamless operations.
  5. Motivated Employees: Monitoring software can boost employee motivation through recognition. By keeping an eye on your staff’s work, you can acknowledge their capabilities and commend them for going above and beyond, a valuable insight gained through monitoring. So, the benefit of real-time desktop monitoring is the motivated employee as the motivated employees are the best assets a company can have.
  6. Better Use of One’s Capabilities: By observing your staff’s work, you gain a deeper understanding of their individual skill sets. Monitoring enables a close examination of employees, revealing their strengths and weaknesses. This insight empowers you to assign them tasks that align with their strengths, optimizing their performance.
  7. Efficient Payroll Management: Monitoring software not only helps you in overseeing your employees’ work but also reduces the management workload. The tool keeps track of the hours employees work, simplifying the process for the payroll team by providing clear and accurate work timings.
  8. Avoid Security Hazards: Vigilance over activities allows you to identify potential issues that could pose risks to the organization. By addressing these activities promptly, you prevent potential security hazards that might arise from oversight.
  9. Betterment of Organization: Enumerating the benefits of monitoring software could be an endless endeavor. In essence, it serves to elevate organizations, refining their work environment and augmenting their capabilities.
Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer is a cutting-edge monitoring software that empowers you to oversee activities transpiring on your employees’ screens. Far from being just another monitoring tool, its distinctive features and advanced technology have rendered it the foremost choice for organizations. Let’s delve into its exceptional attributes:

  • Be Invisible: The foremost and standout feature of this tool is its capacity to operate invisibly while monitoring employees. This capability enables discrete monitoring while maintaining confidentiality, streamlining management processes seamlessly.
  • Viewing Authorization: This tool offers a viewing authorization feature, allowing you to delegate viewing rights for all or selected systems to another administrator. It is compatible with both PCs and laptops, and access can be granted to multiple admins.
  • Download Videos: This tool enables you to record and download videos of activities on a specific system, elevating the monitoring experience. Employers can now capture and store videos of employees’ system activities for easy access at any time.
  • Remote Communication: To communicate a message to all systems on surveillance, you can send a personalize or default note at decided intervals.
  • Remote Commands: The tool enables you to remotely manage all systems linked to your account. While you can’t modify ongoing work, you do have the capability to initiate actions like system restarts or shutdowns in case of emergencies.
Real Cost of Monitoring Tool

After knowing the many benefits of Employee Computers Monitoring Software, now you might be thinking about how much it costs before deciding to get one for your organization. We have discussed a lot about the unique and advanced features of Kernel for Employee Desktop Live Viewer, but now let’s discuss how affordable it is.

Despite its impressive array of features, this software remains affordably priced, starting at just $29. We offer a range of packages tailored to suit the diverse needs of organizations, ensuring flexibility for businesses of all sizes.

You can enjoy the advantages of this tool whether you have just one employee or an entire workforce. We’ve outlined costs for 1 to 100 employees, ranging from $29 to $999. For organizations with over 100 employees, please request a quote for the exact pricing based on your specific needs. For a detailed rate chart, click here

Post-Purchasing Benefits

Upon purchasing the software, you’ll enjoy lifetime after-sales benefits. The tool includes a perpetual license with no future costs. You’ll also receive complimentary technical support and remain eligible for any future product upgrades. It’s an exceptional offer. Request a quote now!


In this blog, we’ve explored the benefits of employee computer monitoring and its associated costs. We recommend Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer as the top affordable monitoring tool. Elevate your organization’s success by trying the Trial Version or purchasing it for as little as $29 to experience its efficacy.

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