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Summary: Employee Desktop Live Viewer is a crucial tool for effective employee monitoring, providing live views, recording capabilities, and more. This software ensures transparency and discipline, leading to increased productivity, profitability, and better management. It’s a valuable asset for any organization.

Employees form the backbone of any organization. Their optimal performance propels an organization towards unprecedented success. They are its most valuable asset, deserving recognition and appreciation. However, what if you suspect under performance or misuse of autonomy? Such situations can escalate into future crises, posing challenges for employers. The solution lies in effective monitoring and management.

In such a scenario, monitoring emerges as the optimal solution. You might be concerned about the practicality and ethics of physically inspecting each system—an approach both impractical and invasive. Moreover, what about remote work? This is where monitoring software steps in. It offers a comprehensive and enduring solution to this challenge.

What is an employee computer monitoring tool?

Employee monitoring tools are custom-built for remote employee supervision, equipped with specialized features. They offer real-time views of employees’ desktop activities, complete with recording and saving capabilities. Tools like the renowned Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer empower organizations with valuable insights into employee activities.

Why use employee desktop live viewer?

Having highlighted the pivotal role of monitoring in ensuring organizational transparency, let’s delve into why Employee Desktop Live Viewer is indispensable.

  • Allows you to monitor employees working anywhere in the world.
  • Shows you the live activities of the employees’ desktop.
  • Employees cannot remove or uninstall it in any way.
  • Completely invisible operation, as there is no icon or widget for it.
  • Record all the activities on the system.
  • View ‘N’ numbers of desktops on a single screen with Viewer application.
  • Recording resumes even after restarting the employee system.
  • Don’t need to be always available for monitoring, (recording continues even if you are not around).
  • Download the recorded videos for offline viewing purpose.
  • Smooth monitoring experience with no limitations.
  • Monitors not only PCs but also laptops including BYOD devices.
  • Comes with a unique feature to monitor those employees who are working on two screens.
  • Allows to search for the videos from previous dates, and to play or download.
  • Download and save videos at any desired location on your system.
  • Employee system controls like restart, shutdown, and turn off.
  • Send a short notification or message to the employees.
  • Share viewing rights with other people

There are much more amazing features in this tool. It is very easy to install, configure and use this tool. Once you start using the tool you will yourself unlock all its amazing features.

What will you gain?

Upon implementing the monitoring software, you’ll witness a discernible shift in your organization’s dynamics. These changes are a direct result of the software’s deployment. Let’s explore both the immediate and enduring advantages of this tool:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Much more discipline among employees.
  • Increased awareness about employees.
  • Leads to the profitability of the business.
  • Saves business from major and minor mistakes.
  • Provides more control and hence facilitates better management.

Similarly, the advantages of employing monitoring tools in an organization are manifold. While we’ve highlighted a few, the benefits are extensive and cannot all be listed here. Thus, we recommend exploring the demo version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer for a comprehensive understanding.


In this blog, we’ve explored the advantages of employee desktop monitoring and how it contributes to building a more efficient organization. Employee Desktop Live Viewer emerges as a powerful solution, addressing various concerns. We trust this information has clarified any uncertainties about opting for an employee PC monitoring tool.

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