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The year 2023 has given us many reasons to stay in our homes and follow the work-from-home method to complete our tasks. Today many of us are working from our homes, no matter whether we belong to the IT sector, banking, sales, support, medical, entertainment, law, etc. When employees are working from home, then it becomes challenging for organizations to ensure data security and productivity. Monitoring employees to know how your employees are working is a major challenge.

There are some recording software(s) that can record the screen of employees when they are working remotely. But the challenge is to find the best user session recording software that has sufficient features to record and provide you a clear view of the desktop activities.

What is a Good User Session Recording Software?

A good user session recording software records the activity of each second. Here are some properties that a good recording software should have in it:

  • A simple user-interface.
  • Recording of the entire screens.
  • Customizable settings for effective live recording.
  • Option to watch the live activities or download the earlier recordings.

Although many software conducts the monitoring job, they work differently and many of them do not let you download the earlier recordings. So, we have collected some reliable live employee monitoring software for your business that you can use to monitor the employees who are working from their homes.

  1. Employee Desktop Live Viewer
    URL –
    This is a comprehensive employee recording software that will let you see the desktop activities of your employees. It works like a surveillance camera fixed on the monitor and give you a live view of employee activities. It can monitor an unlimited number of computer screens and gives an ample number of features to manage the recordings. You can decide the recording location, video retention period, picture quality settings, pop-up notification settings, push-up notification settings, etc. You can remotely shutdown, restart, or turn off the computer or send a message to an employee’s screen.

    Employee Desktop Live Viewer Home Screen

  2. Time Doctor
    URL –
    Time Doctor promises to track the work time of your employees. It gives you information about the websites visited and the apps used in the office hours. With the help of its exact and specific information, you can bill your clients as you will have the proof of the job you have done. There is a special feature to alert your employees when they are deviating from their work or schedule some timely alerts.
    The tool can integrate with the majority of project management software like Asana, Zoho, Teamwork, Freshdesk, etc. There are mobile applications for android and iPhone-based smartphones where you can run the monitoring software in a limited manner. With the help of SSL encryption all the recorded data (reports, records, logs, screenshots) are protected from any kind of hacking.
  3. KickIdler
    URL –
    KickIdler is a prominent monitoring software that facilitates a great number of features like remote pc access, keylogger, computer screen recording, productivity metrics, time tracking, online computer monitoring, remote employee monitoring, etc. There are several settings that trigger messages in case the employee opens an unnecessary website or application. The user interface of the software shows the live screens of an unlimited number of employees. The remote PC access will allow you to handle some specific tasks like files transfer, remote keyboard/mouse control. Majority of the monitoring software work in Windows only, but KickIdler works on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. So, you do not need to worry about monitoring even when the employees are using different operating systems.
  4. ActivTrak
    URL –
    If you want to increase the productivity of your business, then you can use the ActivTrak software. It functions like a cloud-based user activity monitoring software and analyzes the behavior to establish a performance baseline. It gives the productivity insights to drive more business. The analyzing features of the software collect the user behavior data to retrieve any suspicious activity, detect the presence of any screenshot redaction or USB drive insertion. You can set the automated messages for security alerts and notifications.
  5. Hubstaff
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    When your employees are traveling due to their official jobs, you should use the Hubstaff monitoring software. It can perform GPS tracking when your employees are on the road. It gives you online timesheets, online schedules, online attendance tracking, online time tracking, etc. It lets you create a new project and import the existing ones. It effectively integrates itself with the project management software and lets you give the proof to show to your client while giving him/her the report.


All this user session recording software have the capability to monitor employees computer working from home and you can increase the productivity of your business even when the employees are not present in their offices physically. You can track all the activities and get the detailed reports in multiple formats.

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