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Updated On - August 11, 2021

How to Find Duplicate JPG Files and Remove Them?

JPG is a popular image file format widely used to save compressed digital photos captured from mobile phones and professional cameras. The file extension of this format is .jpg, .jpeg or .jpe. This image format allows the users to easily store and share pictures, making it the best way to store photographs and keep the…

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Published On - June 10, 2021

Find and Remove Duplicate MP4 Video Files

‘The whole world is online, either streaming videos or navigating through social media platforms, and that’s exactly where MP4 files play a central role’. Most popular Video format MP4 is the most popular video file format. They are used to store photos, documents, audio, and video files. MP4 is a highly versatile format which makes…

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Updated On - July 05, 2022

Free Methods To Remove Duplicate Files In Windows 10

Duplicate files are cumbersome, which is why they take up a large amount of storage space on your computer. This further leads to the system running at a slow pace. Find duplicate files in Windows 10 are a result of- Multiple backup of files Copying the same file in multiple destinations. Numerous downloads of files….

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Updated On - December 16, 2022

How to Find Duplicate Files in a Hidden Folder?

Does your system face slow performance, or your disk drives are full displaying red highlights? Then, the issue is oversized drives, and mostly it occurs due to the accumulation of duplicate files. Those files which are visible can be easily deleted, but there are some hidden files and folders on your drives that can also…

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Published On - March 09, 2021

Find duplicate files across multiple folders and drives?

The duplicity of computer files and folders is an unavoidable issue that we have to face every then and now. When a system is used by multiple users, users may copy and paste the same files and folders in different drives. Generally, the user does not give any attention to duplicate items until they start…

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Updated On - January 11, 2021

A Professional Duplicate Photo Remover for Windows Computers

Photos are the most widely used files on a Windows system, especially by normal users. Several types of images belonging to different formats are created using different devices are saved on a computer. The default image viewer of Windows is capable enough to open most of the image files in different formats. The thumbnails of…

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