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‘The whole world is online, either streaming videos or navigating through social media platforms, and that’s exactly where MP4 files play a central role’.

Most popular Video format

MP4 is the most popular video file format. They are used to store photos, documents, audio, and video files. MP4 is a highly versatile format which makes it well suited for online browsers and social media platforms.

Duplicity of MP4 files

The duplicate MP4 files are often generated due to numerous downloads of videos and copying of MP4 videos in various locations.
Video files tend to occupy larger storage space which results in-

  1. Slow functioning of the computer.
  2. Lack of storage space for new files.

Hence, there emerges a need to find these duplicate MP4 files and remove them from the computer.

Easy methods to find and remove MP4 files
  1. Arranging all MP4 files: Windows allows you to search for all the MP4 files which exist on your system and arrange them into groups according to your preference.
    1. Open the folder or drive and type ‘MP4’ on the search bar.
    2. A list of all the MP4 files will be presented.List of MP4 files
    3. Click on the ‘View’ option, and a dropdown menu will appear; select ‘Group by’ and choose how you want to arrange the files.arrange the files
    4. A new list will be displayed according to the preference. It becomes slightly easier to find the duplicate file, and now you can manually delete it.find the duplicate
  2. Features

    1. It provides a clear list of all the MP4 files, along with their file size.
    2. It allows you to make groups according to name, size, type, and date of modification.
    3. This method comes in handy only when you are aware of the exact duplicate file which needs to be removed.
    4. You will have to delete the duplicate file manually.
  3. A Premium approach for duplicate file removal It is recommended to use a professional tool for dealing with duplicate data. The Kernel Duplicate File Finder helps you find and remove duplicate MP4 files from your system.
    1. Download the Kernel Duplicate File Finder on your system.
    2. Launch the tool and click on the plus sign ‘+’ to add the folder or drive.add the folder
    3. Select the preferred folder and click on ‘Select Folder.’Select the preferred folder
    4. Click on ‘Start Scan.’Start Scan
    5. Click on the checkbox ‘Video Files’ to look for duplicate MP4 files. And click on ‘OK.’look for duplicate MP4 files
    6. All the duplicate files which are found are highlighted in blue.View duplicate files
    7. Choose the desired operation to manage the duplicate MP4 files.manage the duplicate MP4 files
    8. Again, a list of duplicate files along with the action chosen will be displayed. Click on ‘Proceed’ to move ahead.list of duplicate files
    9. A confirmation message will be displayed. Click on ‘Chosen Operation.’confirmation message
    10. The duplicate files have been successfully removed. Click on ‘OK‘.duplicate files have been successfully removed

Features of the Duplicate Removal tool

  1. The tool allows you to apply filters on duplicate files.
  2. It enables you to manage the duplicate files as per your requirements and needs.
  3. In the tool, you can add multiple folders to scan for duplicate files.
  4. The Kernel Duplicate File Finder has the ability to find files of any format and size like JPG, JPEG, MP4, AVI, 3GP, MP3, PNG, and many more.


Due to the large size of duplicate MP4 files, they often take a majority of storage space in the system, which results in a slow-paced computer. It is necessary to find and remove these duplicate MP4 files from our system. It can be done by creating groups of these files and manually deleting unnecessary ones. However, since we are dealing with crucial data, choosing a professional tool like the ‘Kernel Duplicate File Finder’ becomes a smart choice.

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