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We all love watching videos on our computers and save them in different folders based on their types. Generally, the users are not aware of arranging the video systematically to keep the storage space. They create random copies of the same videos in different folders or different drives. One may copy the same video to multiple locations by copying them from a USB, DVD, or smartphone. Initially, it will not create a problem, but when duplicity increases, it becomes tricky to manage duplicate video files.

Instant Solution

To Find Duplicate Video on Windows, try Kernel Duplicate File Finder Software. The software supports DB, MDF, MDB, PDB, SQLITE, ITDB, GDB, DB3, WMDB, SDF, DBS files.

There is no direct method to find duplicate videos on your computer, but there are some techniques that you can apply to find the duplicates.

In the search bar, you can input the type of the video file with the help of asterisk (*) like the following –

you can input the type of the video file

It shows that there are two copies of the video file in MP4 format. Press Enter. It will show these video files with multiple copies.

Press Enter

Using the same process, you can check which video formats have duplicate copies. But it will take much time and effort to search for each duplicate video format. Due to the non-feasibility of the manual method, only professional tools seem trustworthy to find duplicate videos.

Kernel Duplicate File Finder

Kernel Duplicate File Finder searches the video file and all the duplicate items on the Windows system.

You can download it from the website and start using it after the successful installation.

  1. The Home screen of the software has a big plus icon. Click it to select the drives or folders to be scanned for duplicate the drives or folders
  2. If you are not aware of the location of the supposed duplicate items, you can also select the whole drive. Then click Select Folder.Select Folder
  3. After selecting the drive, click the Start Scan button.Start Scan
  4. On the File Type Selection Setting page, you need to use the checkbox to select the Video files. The tool supports all the major video formats (MP4, MKV, 3GP, AVI, FLV, WEBM, VOB). You can also set the file size limit (Minimum File Size and Maximum File Size) to scan. Then click,, OK
  5. The tool will scan all the drives that you have selected. The scan will cover all the folders present in the drive. After the scan, you can see that the same video file is present in multiple folders. Now click the Pre-Operation Analysis the Pre-Operation Analysis button
  6. There are two categories of actions that you can use to manage the duplicate video files. First, you can decide which files to keep – either the newest or oldest. Then you can decide the action to perform – Move the duplicate files to another folder or Recycle Bin or delete permanently. Then click the Display Duplicate files the Display Duplicate files button
  7. The tool will show the files that are going to be affected by your decision. Click the Proceed button.Click the Proceed button
  8. A final message will appear regarding your selection, asking you to confirm your selected operation. Click the Confirm Operation button.Click the Confirm Operation button
  9. The duplicate files are deleted to the Recycle Bin successfully. Click OK.Click OK

You can run the same scan for specific folders too.

We are including some essential questions related to the software that will clear your doubts about it.

Q. How many duplicate files will the tool retrieve in a single scan?
A. The tool will retrieve all the duplicate items in the specified drive or folder as per your filer settings. There are no limitations to the number of duplicate items.

Q. I have some folders that are hidden. Will the tool run a scan on them?
A. Yes, the tool can look for duplicate items in the hidden folders also. Also, you can skip the hidden folders from scanning optionally.


Kernel Duplicate File Finder is a simple tool that saves you from having duplicate files on your computer. You can use this tool to find duplicate video files on your system. You can efficiently declutter all your drive data using this tool.