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Megha Sharma
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Duplicate files are created unknowingly due to multiple downloads, multiple copying, or conflicts with applications. These files are troublemakers as they grab the storage space in large quantities on the drive and create unwanted confusion to the users. Duplicate image files are difficult to find, and so the user may use duplicate files along with the original ones for processing. There can be many such scenarios that annoy users. So, it is important to clean your system folder with duplicate files completely to save storage space.

Manually, you can delete only a few duplicate files from your system drive folders. With the help of the F3 function key in any drive or folder, you can search the specific type of image file format, such as .jpg by typing the same in the search box. It will list out all the files of the same format in the drive/folder. Press F1 and Ctrl keys together to expand the ribbon. For that, indexing must be running on your system. Then switch to the View tab and click on Group by option to select the Name option from the list. It will list the files as groups by their similar names.

Click on the Details option from the Layout category. Now the .jpeg files are separated by groups and details like name, date of modification, size, etc. You can also click on the preview option to view the selected file preview to find the duplicates.

With the help of the Ctrl key, you can select the identified duplicate items for direct deletion.

The free duplicate photo cleaner (manual method) can be utilized but is very time-consuming for many duplicate files in different formats. To avoid this complex and lengthy process, you can always try a professional duplicate photo cleaner tool.

Get duplicate photos cleaned up from your system easily with the Kernel Duplicate File Finder tool

If you opt for a third-party tool to remove duplicate image files from your system, we recommend trying the Kernel Duplicate File Finder tool. It delivers exceptional advantages to its users, making it the top choice of the users as a duplicate file remover tool.

  • Scan drive folders for duplicates – It performs a scan on system drive folders, including the external drive folders, to find out the duplicate files within them.
  • File filtering settings – It provides filters like file types (image, video, audio, archive, database, text, MS Office, Adobe, Web, All files), file size limit settings (Minimum &/or Maximum size), Skip hidden files options, etc.
  • Pre-Operation Analysis – It allows users to choose which files to keep (newest or oldest in each group) and perform the desired operation (move files to another folder, delete files to Recycle Bin, or Delete files permanently) on the selected file.
  • See the duplicate files affected by the action – Before performing the selected action on the duplicate files, the tool displays the duplicate files affected by the action (by striking it with a red line).
  • Quick deletion of duplicate files – Once the file type settings and operation on the duplicate files are confirmed, the cleaning or deletion of the files will be performed instantly. And the folder will contain the original files only, without any duplicates.

You can easily buy the tool or download its free trial version by visiting the home website of the software

Note: The free version of the tool scan and list the duplicate items only. To perform cleaning action on the duplicate file items, you need to purchase the tool.

Here is the full working process of the Kernel Duplicate File Finder tool to remove duplicate files from the desired system drive folders.

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  1. Launch the installed Kernel Duplicate File Finder on your system. Click on the plus (Add Folders) icon to add the folder with duplicate files.Duplicate File Finder
  2. Choose the system drive folder to add and click on the Select Folder option to add it.Select Folder
  3. Next, click on the plus icon on the top right side of the page to add more file folders from any desired drive location to find duplicate files if you want. Once the desired folders are added, click Start Scan to scan the folders.scan the folders
  4. Provide the filtering details like file type (here choose Image Files option), add the filter for file size (optional), and select the option to skip hidden files if you want. You can always leave it blank to scan all types of files. Then click on OK.Provide the filtering details
  5. The scan progress is in progress Wait for its completion.scan progress completed
  6. All the image files with their duplicates will get enlisted. Click on Pre-Operation Analysis at the bottom-right to continue.Pre-Operation Analysis
  7. Choose the files you want to keep and then choose any action to perform on the rest of the files. Here, we are selecting the operation Delete files Permanently. Click the Display Duplicate Files option.Display Duplicate Files
  8. The duplicate files are now displayed with the red strikes. Click on Proceed to continue the operation.Proceed to continue the operation
  9. Click on Confirm Operation to continue further.Confirm Operation
  10. The operation will start, and the selected duplicate files will be deleted permanently. The confirmation message will be displayed like this. Click OK.confirmation message

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So, you have just seen the easiest and automated way to clean duplicate image file items from your system drive folders. It also supports other file types too for finding and managing duplicate files. This tool is the best choice when you have face storage issues and chaos due to duplicate file items.

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