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A Windows system can save images from multiple formats. The primary image formats are JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, etc.; all these formats use different compression and decompression techniques. Smartphones with high-quality cameras have the capability to click images and then transfer them to the computers. Due to the high volume of images, there are chances that some pictures have their duplicate copies in the computer also.

Generally, duplicate images are distributed in different folders, and the user does not identify such duplicities. But, when the duplicate items are present in the same folder, you can recognize them with their names or metadata.

Duplicate images in the same folder

When you open a folder and see a copy word present in the image’s name, you can deduce that it is a copy of another image in the same folder.

Duplicate images in the same folder

If you see the copy image’s metadata, you can see that it has the same format, size, date created, and other properties.

Duplicate images

The duplicate images in the downloads folder

Downloading images is the standard method to get the image on a computer. But the user may download the same image multiple times. If you check the downloads list, then you can see that the same image has a numerical value in its name.

check the downloads list

The numeric value in the image name shows that they are downloaded multiple times.

Remove Duplicate Image from the Folder

When duplicate images are limited and easily recognizable, you can find and delete them one by one. But, when the duplicate images are more than several hundred, you cannot find and delete them manually.

As an efficient method to remove the large-scale duplicate files, you should use the professional tool called Kernel Duplicate File Finder. It will check for the duplication of images and other data types like video, MS Office, Database, Audio, and Web files. Let us see how it tackles the duplicate image files-

  1. Download the software from its website and install it.Download the software
  2. Choose the folder from its location, and you can click the add icon to select more folders. Choose the folder
  3. Select the folder and then click Select Folder.Select Folder
  4. Click Start Scan after selecting the folders.Start Scan
  5. The next page is File Type Selection Setting, where you need to click the first option of Image files. The tool will check the duplicate photos in all the essential image formats. You can also provide the information to check the image with a minimum and maximum size. Also, you can skip the hidden files. Then click the OK button.File Type Selection Setting
  6. The tool will check each folder for the duplicate image and present them to you. You can see their extension to make sure that these are only the images. Then click Pre-Operation Analysis.Pre-Operation Analysis
  7. You can keep either the newest or oldest file in each group. You can also choose to move to a different folder, delete files to the Recycle Bin or delete files permanently. To get rid of image files, you can choose the second option. Then click Display Duplicate Files.Display Duplicate Files
  8. The tool shows the files affected by your selection. Then click the Proceed button.shows the files affected
  9. A warning message will appear related to your desired operation. Click the Confirm Operation button.Confirm Operation
  10. The tool has successfully moved the duplicate images to the Recycle Bin. Click OK.successfully moved the duplicate images

Now, you can exit the application and go back to the folder and see that the duplicate files are not there anymore.

exit the application


The duplicate image files do not pose much threat to the original file, but they create confusion among the users while accessing them. Also, they take unnecessary space in the hard-drive storage. So, you should remove the duplicate items from your computer using the Kernel Duplicate File Finder tool and retrieve the usable space again.