Free Methods To Remove Duplicate Files In Windows 10

Anisha Rawat
Anisha Rawat linkedin | Updated On - July 05, 2022 |

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Duplicate files are cumbersome, which is why they take up a large amount of storage space on your computer. This further leads to the system running at a slow pace. Find duplicate files in Windows 10 are a result of-

  • Multiple backup of files
  • Copying the same file in multiple destinations.
  • Numerous downloads of files.
  • Sharing files through emails

Methods to remove duplicate files in Windows 10-

Manually it is difficult to remove duplicate files one by one from your Windows 10 system. However, many people choose them as they are free to use.

  • Grouping all the same format files
    -STEP 1- Go to the required folder and search for the format of files that you would like to remove (like PDF).

    STEP 2 – A list of all the PDF files will be displayed.
    list of all the PDF files

    STEP 3- On the ‘View’ tab, go to ‘group’ and click on ‘Name.’ It will group all the files according to their names (you can note the file size as well).
    click on ‘Name.’

    STEP 4- You can even preview the file and remove the duplicate ones.
    preview the file and remove the duplicate ones

    This method is useful only if you are aware and certain about which duplicate files have to be removed.

  • Kernel Duplicate File FinderA professional tool like Kernel Duplicate File Finder completes the duplicate removal task with only a few instructions from your side. It has the capacity to scan multiple folders at a time to highlight all the duplicate files at once. Follow these easy steps to remove duplicate files in Windows 10-STEP 1 – Install the Kernel Duplicate File Finder on your Windows 10 system.STEP 2 – Open the tool and click on the plus sign “+” to add folders.

    Download Software

    Kernel Duplicate File Finder

    STEP 3 – Add the drive or folder, and it will be displayed on the screen.
    Add the drive or folder

    STEP 4 – Choose the required folder and click on ‘Select Folder’.
    Add the drive or folder

    STEP 5 – Click on ‘Start scan’ to start the scanning process.
    Click on ‘Start scan’

    STEP 6 – You can choose the file type and size now. Click on ‘OK.’
    choose the file type and siz

    STEP 7 – The tool displays a list of duplicate files. Click on ‘Pre-Operation Analysis.’
    displays a list of duplicate files

    STEP 8 – Select your preferences regarding which files to keep. Select ‘Delete files permanently’ or ‘Deleted files to Recycle Bin’ from the list of operations to perform on duplicate files.
    Select your preferences

    STEP 9 – Click on ‘Display Duplicate Files’ to check all the duplicate content which has been crossed out. Click on ‘Proceed.’
    Click on ‘Display Duplicate Files’

    STEP 10 – The tool will ask for confirmation. Click on ‘Confirm Operation.’
    Confirm Operation

    STEP 11 – The selected actions have been fulfilled. Now, click on ‘OK.’

  • The trial version of the Kernel Duplicate File Finder allows you to view the list of all the duplicate files. However, in order to perform operations on it, you need to purchase the tool.

    The tool has the capability to find all types of duplicate files from any folder or drive on your Windows 10 system. It allows the users to apply filters and find specific duplicate files. This makes Kernel Duplicate File Finder a highly recommended tool.

Conclusion –

The enormity of duplicate files often leads to our Windows 10 system running slower than its usual pace. This is the main reason to remove these duplicate files from our system. We can remove these files by either grouping the files according to file type or by using a professional tool. But these processes can become quite time-consuming and might not give effective results. That is why Kernel Duplicate File Finder is the apt solution for the removal of duplicate files from your Windows 10 system.