How to Remove Password from Outlook PST File?

To remove password from a PST file, it is necessary to know the version of MS Outlook you are dealing with.

The reason behind such statement is that there are some changes made in versions released after MS Outlook 2003. This changes the entire scenario involved in removal of password from a PST file. Thus, steps for password removal will be also different. To remove password from a PST File created in version prior to Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, or Outlook 2013, you have to follow these steps:

However, if you are working on versions i.e. later than 2003, then you have to follow different process. Such process is as follows: This step wise procedure is specifically for MS Outlook 2010.

Thus, selection of password removal task entirely depends upon the version of MS Outlook you are using.


You can try third party tool like Kernel Outlook PST Password Recovery tool to remove password from highly encrypted and password protected Outlook PST file.

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