cess of exporting MBOX emails from Goog How to Backup Your Google Data With Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a no-cost data backup service introduced by Google, designed for exporting data from various Google applications. One can use it after signing into Google Takeout using Google account credentials. This Google service performs the following functions.

  • Enables the export of data from various Google services, including Calendar, Chrome, Classroom, Contacts, Drive, Google My Business, Google Photos, Mail, Maps, and more.
  • Provides data backup options for specific services.
  • Permits you to select the delivery method and configure backup frequency, file type, size, and more.

Google Takeout generates an MBOX file for your Gmail data, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it with various email clients or export it to Office 365. For compatibility with different email clients, you can convert the MBOX file into PST, EML, or MSG formats.

How to backup Google Mail MBOX file using Google Takeout?

Numerous individuals make use of Google's service for backing up their Gmail emails. This service preserves emails, including those in the Trash and Spam folders, by storing them in the MBOX file format within a compressed Zip file. Let's delve into the process of creating a backup of your Google Mail in MBOX format using the Google Takeout service.

  1. Sign in to Google Takeout using admin credentials.
  2. Within the "CREATE A NEW EXPORT" section, navigate to "Select data to include." Click on "Deselect all," then choose the "Mail" option, and finally, click "Next step." Select the Mail option
  3. Choose the backup's Delivery method and Frequency. Select the Delivery method
  4. Proceed by choosing the file format and size, then simply click on the "Create export" button. Create export
  5. The export procedure will commence, and you will be required to wait for a period. export process will get started
  6. A prominently displayed "Download" link will become visible; simply click on it to initiate the backup download. download the backup
  7. Access the backup file and verify its contents. Open the backup file

Most MBOX email clients are open-source applications, which may not offer sufficient security to protect your emails from potential hacking attempts. Experts recommend exporting MBOX backup files to more secure platforms like Office 365's cloud or converting them into other useful formats such as PST. For securely exporting the data of Google Takeout backup MBOX file to Office 365, we will suggest you a professional tool – Kernel MBOX to PST Converter, which exports MBOX files from any source to Office 365, PST, and more platforms instantly. It integrates advanced preview feature and filter options.

Let us know how it works.
  1. Launch the software.
  2. To add the MBOX files, simply click the "Browse" option next to the "Select Folder" section. Choose the "Takeout folder" located on your system drive, and then click "OK" to confirm your selection. Select the folder from the system drive
  3. Once you've successfully added the file, proceed by selecting the Finish option. file is added successfully
  4. The file's contents will be shown, allowing you to choose an email for a full preview. To store this content in your Office 365 destination folder, you can either click the Save option or select Office 365 from the right panel as demonstrated. Select destination Note: To convert the Takeout MBOX file emails into PST, EML, or MSG file formats, choose your preferred saving option and proceed with the export procedure. select desired saving option
  5. Afterward, verify the selection for Office 365 as the saving option, and subsequently, click on the Next button. Select saving option as Office 365
  6. Utilize the necessary filter settings, such as "From," "To," "Subject," and more, and subsequently select the "Next" option. Apply the filter options
  7. Next, input the login details for the target Office 365 account. Finally, select the "Finish" option. Office 365 account credentials
  8. The process of moving data from the Google Takeout MBOX file to Office 365 is now commencing, and you can observe a real-time progress update. live view of Google Takeout MBOX file to Office 365 progress
  9. After the export process finishes, it will show the message "Data has been successfully saved." Data has been saved

We've just witnessed the process of exporting MBOX emails from Google Takeout to Office 365.