Converting a PST file to MSG format is not easy with manual methods, but with the help of Kernel Outlook PST Repair, Here is a proficient PST to MSG conversion tool that assists users in repairing and recovering damaged PST files while enabling them to save the data in various formats. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to convert a PST file into an MSG file. Please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Please download the software and proceed with its installation on your system.
  2. Now, launch the tool, and a welcome window will appear on your screen like this: Launch Kernel Outlook PST Repair tool
  3. Select the file you wish to transform into an MSG file and then click "Next." Initially, the tool will perform a repair on the damaged file before saving it in the preferred format. Browse the file that you want to convert to MSG Note 1: You have the option to retrieve numerous PST files from this segment as well.
    Note 2: If you had to interrupt a process earlier, you can also load a snapshot.
  4. Review the details concerning the repair procedure and select "Finish" to initiate the process. Start the process
  5. After the process finishes, you will find all the folders from the PST file located in the left corner of the tool. Simply double-click on any folder to preview its emails and items. Double click any folder to preview its emails Note 1: If you want to preview the content of a specific email, then click on it.
    Note 2: To inspect email attachments, simply double-click on the attachment.
  6. To save this file in MSG format, simply click the "Save" button located in the upper left corner of the tool. A window will then appear on the screen. In this window, choose the "MSG file" option and click "Next." click the Save button from the upper left corner of the tool Note 1: With this PST Converter tool, you can convert multiple PST files into MSG files.
    Note 2: To convert certain emails into MSG format, follow these steps: choose the desired emails, and then right-click to save them as MSG files as demonstrated below: Save in MSG format Note 3: If your email list is extensive, utilize the "Find" feature to locate particular emails or items. Once you've identified the emails, choose them and perform a right-click to save them in MSG format, as demonstrated below: Click on them to save in MSG format
  7. In the following step, you have the option to apply various filters to your files, including filters for sender ("From"), recipient ("To"), subject, folder name, item type, and date range. Configure your desired filters and then proceed by clicking "Next." Apply multiple filters to the files
  8. Next, navigate to the destination where you'd like to store the file, and then select "Finish." Browse the location where you want to save the file Note: In this section, you have the option to choose between saving all emails, which may include deleted ones, or exclusively saving deleted emails.
  9. Once the file conversion is complete, a notification window will pop up on your screen, showing the message "Item has been saved." Simply click "OK" to finalize the process. Click OK to finish the process The PST file has undergone repair and has been transformed into MSG format. You can review the MSG files at the designated storage location.