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COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns have brought many changes globally, especially in the work culture. Interestingly, companies and organizations started adopting remote working options. The major challenge is that this remote working is only possible using technology. And one platform that was widely used for hybrid and remote work was Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 is a suite of powerful tools evolving daily to meet the needs of all organizations.

Why is the Early Adoption of Microsoft 365 so Significant?

Microsoft 365 facilitates flexible working beyond traditional working hours and makes everyone more productive; it proved beneficial for the organization because Microsoft 365uses cloud workspace for communication and collaboration across geographical areas and time zones.Hence, adopting Microsoft 365 facilitates work from anywhere and anytime.Some other benefit of it are:

  • Better ROI
    When you adopt Microsoft 365 completely along with all new tools, it will automatically help you increase ROI. It will avoid the costs of stand-alone applications and infrastructure. As you pay the subscription amount only for what you use, ROI is huge.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
    Microsoft 365 tools are transforming work habits and helping enterprises to increase their efficiency and productivity by using its advanced tools and modern features. It has excellent features for meetings, calls, chat, file sharing, and even more. The higher the Office 365 adoption levels, the more advantages you have compared to the traditional on-premises applications in terms of productivity and efficiency.
  • Ease of communication
    With advanced chat, emailing, sharing, and collaboration features, Office 365 helps companies to work together effectively. Applications like MS Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and MS Office Online help in better communication and collaboration.
  • Facilities for remote and hybrid working
    The post-pandemic era is of remote and hybrid working. Cloud-based solutions are working great to facilitate communication and collaboration in remote and hybrid work environments. And Microsoft 365 is one of the most prominent cloud platforms that facilitates this.And to stay competitive in this challenging environment, early adoption of Microsoft 365 is essential.

Understanding Microsoft 365 and its challenges

Microsoft 365 is a broad platform, and Microsoft is persistently adding new tools and extending the capabilities of this platform. It can be challenging for employees to keep up with new tools and features, and UI changes.However, if your organization hasn’t adopted Microsoft 365 services, you are missing its advanced features.If you are convinced to get into Microsoft 365, then you must get to know about the challenges-

  • The first challenge is for the employee to understand the need to adapt to these new changes. Employees should be aware of why they are learning the skills to use Microsoft 365.
  • Exhaustion is an issue that will surely come with the adoption and change management. This process requires the continuous initiative of employees to understand the tools and their functioning, which somehow leads to fatigue.
  • Sometimes, there may be an issue of resistance from employees who are habitual to their existing routine tasks and unable to adopt new skills.
  • Sometimes, usage is not proper. For example, Microsoft Teams usage may not be in the correct way. So, the required output might not have been achieved.
  • Microsoft 365 is always coming up with new tools and updates. But for users, keeping up with all that tools and updates is hard.
  • Budgeting is also a matter when an organization is going to implement Office 365 in the workplace.
What is Microsoft ACM?

Microsoft ACM stands for Adoption and Change Management (ACM) ensures that your Microsoft 365 is running successfully and delivers excellent ROI for the benefit of enterprises and stakeholders. Every then and now, Microsoft 365 is coming with new tools and updates to raise productivity, drive innovation, and ease collaboration. Hence, users need to understand new tools, applications,and their usage. So, it is essential to develop cloud skills and build confidence among the users.

Requirement of Microsoft 365 ACM

Various elements need to be in place for a successful ACM program that delivers lasting impact.

  • Availability of employees
    Availability of employees is the first thing required because people understand the tools and their functioning to meet their needs. This learning process is entirely user-centricas they need to understand the technology with a good user experience. Making employees understand every aspect of the usage of Microsoft 365 and how they will use it to be more productive gives great ROI.
  • Training and support to your employee
    The second thing is to arrange proper and continuous training. The training will cover discussions and practical workshops to understand this adoption and change management. After training is completed, a support team must be available to reach out in case of any queries.
  • Top-down and bottom-up communications
    Microsoft 365 adoption should involve both top-down and bottom-up communication. It will help the organization prepare better and adopt the new technology quickly without apprehensions. There must be proper communication to engage employees and produce great outcomes from Microsoft 365 adoption. The organization can use videos and creative assets which will engage employees, lead to great impact, and make them enthusiastic about technology.


This blog will help you understand the importance of Office 365 and the challenges of its adoption. If you’d like to discuss anything on Microsoft 365-related topics, please feel free to get in touch. Also, you can think of Office 365 backups to ensure security in your Office 365 environment. This can be done using Kernel Office 365 Backup & Restore. It is a simple tool that ensures a complete backup of Office 365 mailboxes.