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Summary: The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of Microsoft 365 for remote work. Early adoption offers benefits like improved ROI, increased productivity, efficient communication, and support for remote work. Challenges include employee adaptation and fatigue. Microsoft ACM (Adoption and Change Management) with training, support, and communication is vital for successful adoption.

The global impact of COVID-19 and ensuing lockdowns catalyzed significant changes in work culture. Notably, organizations embraced remote work solutions, largely reliant on technology. Microsoft 365 emerged as a prevalent choice for hybrid and remote work, offering a dynamic suite of tools continuously evolving to cater to diverse organizational needs.

Why is the Early Adoption of Microsoft 365 so Significant?

Microsoft 365 enables flexible work schedules, enhancing productivity by extending beyond traditional hours. The cloud-based workspace fosters communication and collaboration across diverse locations and time zones. Thus, Microsoft 365 adoption empowers remote and anytime work. Other benefits include:

  • Better ROI
    Complete adoption of Microsoft 365, along with its latest tools, naturally boosts ROI by eliminating the expenses associated with standalone applications and infrastructure. With a subscription model based on usage, it delivers substantial ROI.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
    Microsoft 365 tools are transforming work habits and helping enterprises to increase their efficiency and productivity by using its advanced tools and modern features. It has excellent features for meetings, calls, chat, file sharing, and even more. The higher the Office 365 adoption levels, the more advantages you have compared to the traditional on-premises applications in terms of productivity and efficiency.
  • Ease of communication
    Office 365 enhances teamwork with advanced features for chat, email, file sharing, and collaboration. Applications such as MS Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and MS Office Online facilitate seamless communication and collaboration within companies.
  • Facilities for remote and hybrid working
    The post-pandemic era has ushered in an era of remote and hybrid work. Cloud-based solutions have proven to be invaluable for facilitating communication and collaboration in these work environments. Microsoft 365 stands out as a prominent cloud platform enabling this transformation. Early adoption of Microsoft 365 is crucial to maintaining competitiveness in this evolving landscape.

Understanding Microsoft 365 and its challenges

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive platform with continuous updates and additions of new tools and capabilities. Keeping pace with these changes, along with UI alterations, can pose a challenge for employees. If your organization has yet to embrace Microsoft 365 services, you might be missing out on its advanced features. To fully appreciate its benefits, it’s essential to understand the potential challenges that may arise during adoption.

  • The first challenge is for the employee to understand the need to adapt to these new changes. Employees should be aware of why they are learning the skills to use Microsoft 365.
  • Exhaustion is an issue that will surely come with the adoption and change management. This process requires the continuous initiative of employees to understand the tools and their functioning, which somehow leads to fatigue.
  • Sometimes, there may be an issue of resistance from employees who are habitual to their existing routine tasks and unable to adopt new skills.
  • Sometimes, usage is not proper. For example, Microsoft Teams usage may not be in the correct way. So, the required output might not have been achieved.
  • Microsoft 365 is always coming up with new tools and updates. But for users, keeping up with all that tools and updates is hard.
  • Budgeting is also a matter when an organization is going to implement Office 365 in the workplace.
What is Microsoft ACM?

Microsoft ACM, short for Adoption and Change Management, ensures the successful operation of your Microsoft 365 system, ultimately benefiting enterprises and stakeholders with excellent ROI. With Microsoft 365 continuously introducing new tools and updates to enhance productivity, foster innovation, and streamline collaboration, it’s crucial for users to grasp these innovations and their applications. Building cloud skills and instilling confidence among users becomes essential in this dynamic environment.

Requirement of Microsoft 365 ACM

Various elements need to be in place for a successful ACM program that delivers lasting impact.

  • Availability of employees
    The first essential requirement is the availability of employees, as they need to comprehend the tools and their functionality to fulfill their needs. This learning process must be user-centric, ensuring that employees understand every aspect of Microsoft 365 usage for enhanced productivity and a positive ROI, driven by a user-friendly experience.
  • Training and support to your employee
    Secondly, it is crucial to organize comprehensive and ongoing training sessions. These training sessions should encompass discussions and hands-on workshops to facilitate a deep understanding of adoption and change management. Following the completion of training, a dedicated support team should be readily available to address any queries or concerns that may arise.
  • Top-down and bottom-up communications
    The adoption of Microsoft 365 should encompass both top-down and bottom-up communication strategies. This approach aids the organization in effective preparation and swift technology adoption, alleviating any apprehensions. It is imperative to establish clear and engaging communication channels to actively involve employees and yield positive outcomes from Microsoft 365 adoption. Utilizing multimedia tools such as videos and creative assets can effectively engage employees, resulting in a significant impact and fostering enthusiasm for technology.


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