7 Hardcore Facts that Prove Your Data is Secure in Office 365

Pooja Chaudhary
Pooja Chaudhary | Updated On - November 03, 2022 |

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Considering the present scenarios of security breaches, everyone looks for a secure and reliable platform to keep their data. Hence, the first thought that comes to the user’s mind is the cloud storage/services like Office 365 that ensure complete privacy, availability, and security of your business data with a routine Backup of Office 365 action. Even the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has stated that 70% of businesses in the world are now on the cloud or using its possibilities.

Although 70% is not at all surprising, as there are several advantages when you move to the cloud, such as flexibility to access the data, reduced costs, automatic software updates, collaboration features, and of course, work from anywhere option. Despite the benefits offered by the cloud, some organizations are still hesitant to opt for cloud platforms.

There are many security concerns when it comes to the data on the cloud. Now, let’s see what does Office 365 promises for cloud data protection.

7 Data Security Measures Promised by Office 365

  1. Office 365 Data Centers are not Disclosed
    It is a challenging task to find the location of the data stored on cloud servers. It is the standard policy of Microsoft that the location of data centers will not be disclosed to the public. In case any is able to find one, then there are multiple high-security physical layers that one has to go through, such as motion sensors under video surveillance, biometrics, and more.
  2. Data is Encrypted Before Transmitting
    While actively communicating with different users over emails, it is all encrypted. Office 365 has an inbuilt email encryption feature that you must enable. If you enable this feature, you will be protected with BitLocker encryption, SSL over HTTP, and document liberties with IRM. Hence, no one will be able to peek into your data.
  3. Data is Never Exposed for Advertising
    Data exposure is a matter of concern, particularly when it is crucial, but Office 365 is not a platform that allows fetching the information you saved on Office 365 like other platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, etc. Therefore, none of your data is exposed to the public as Microsoft has already adopted safe approaches to save you from this horror.
  4. Data Backup
    At the data center level, MS Office 365 has already employed several layers of backup and redundancy checks. Therefore, the chances of data theft or loss, or corruption are negligible. In the worst scenario, all the data can be restored to Office 365.
  5. No Data Loss due to Expiry of Subscription plan
    Many of you imagine that “the subscription plans for Office 365 are no longer valid, and hence Office 365 will not let you access this data now.” Of course, this is not true; even if the plan expires, Office 365 gives you 90 days’ time to export all your data to a different platform or physical storage safely.
  6. Advanced Password Protection with Multi-Factor Authentication
    In today’s digital age, your identity is always checked through a password for login on any platform. Hence, any brute force attack will never breach the security in Office 365. But, it is recommended to always Security Practices for Microsoft 365 or Office 365 Account.
    Also, we recommend you enable multi-factor authentication. It provides an extra security layer in addition to password protection.
  7. Controls Data Access with Privacy Settings
    It is a simple fact – every data is not shared with all users. Administrators share only required information to the users in an organization. Being an administrator, you can control the accessibility of data through privacy settings.

Data is Safe in Office 365

There is no doubt that as a user, the security of your data is always in your mind. But, Office 365 promises strong protection of your data. Hence, moving your data to such a cloud to cloud backup platform is now secure and safe.

To prove the above-mentioned lines,

“Microsoft announced that it had become the first cloud provider that has adopted international cloud privacy standard that we developed by ISO – International Organization for Standardization.”

Hence, Office 365 security is now unbeatable, and it is much more secure than you could have imagined.

We also recommend a third-party solution – Kernel Office 365 Backup tool to export Office 365 to PST. Yes, this could be a one in a million chance that you face data loss or corruption issues over Office 365. But, as said, everything is possible, so to keep yourself in safer positions, it is always to take precautions prior.


There is no doubt that security concerns never leave our heads, but Office 365 is a secure cloud platform offered by Microsoft. It ensures 100% data security and protection over the cloud storage to its users. We have listed down the top 7 facts that Office 365 promises for data security.