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Microsoft Office 365 has made the business-friendly application available universally to the user. Now, the user can access their MS Office Suite applications like word access, PowerPoint, Skype, Outlook, etc., from any computer related to the Internet. Microsoft consistently develops and launches new software in the Office 365 Business and Enterprise plans. It has not only increased the productivity of a business but other aspects like communication and collaboration.

With the recent update of Office 365, some new features have been added to this web-based toolkit that allows users to share documents and connect easily with colleagues in real-time. So, here we will talk about some of the most effective features of Office 365 that enhance productivity in an organization.

Real-Time Co-Authoring with Word, Excel, PowerPoint

What’s better than a feature that allows you to collaborate online, create documents online, and see each other’s changes? The real-time co-authoring features of Office 365 allow you to create online presentations, word documents, and spreadsheets using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

You can save these files and documents in the OneDrive so that other users can review and make any changes if required. Also, you can share it directly from the application with the integrated sidebar.

Microsoft Planner

There is always a need for team-based task management tools in an organization to improve productivity. Microsoft Planner is one such a tool that is way too powerful than Outlooks Tasks. Also, being a part of Office 365 toolkit, it is simple and easy to use. This tool helps in bringing accountability and transparency in task execution.

With Microsoft Planner, you can create, assign, reassign, and attach group files to tasks. Also, you can track the task progress with status updates and comments features. This tool is available for most OS, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

Office 365 Groups

One functionality that many users want in their organization is to share and access documents within a specific group, and Office 365 Groups provides them this functionality. Office 365 allows you and your team work together with more efficiency. You can create groups for a small project or for a team for loang-term goals.

With Office 365 Groups, you not only get a distribution list but also create a shared group calendar and a cloud location for Group/Team files that can be accessed from any device.

Microsoft Teams

If there is one tool that makes Office 365 stand out from other online tools, it is Microsoft Teams, a collaboration tool that offers a hub for teamwork. Microsoft Teams can enhance productivity to an extended level. With Microsoft Teams, users can communicate with their colleagues via chats and conduct online meetings both inside and outside their office environment.

Also, it puts together many collaborative tools of Office 365 in one place. You can even access your team files and Planner tasks within Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams also provides the ability to access third-party tool within the Team Hub. For instance, you can get data from the tools that your team uses, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Jira, GitHub, SurveyMonkey, or Zendesk. It is available in both browser and desktop versions.

SharePoint Team Site

The SharePoint Team Site is among one of the latest features of Office 365 along with Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. When these three tools work together, they can be very effective in enhancing the productivity of your employees. SharePoint Team Site is much suitable for teams with long-term projects.

With a Team Site, you can easily access files and check what’s trending with other users and documents that are part of your Group. You can post news, videos, or information, and even add connectors for GitHub, and Google Analytics with the help of a SharePoint Site. Also, if you want to automate some processes and workflow in SharePoint Libraries, then it can be achieved with Microsoft Flow.


We have mentioned all the benefits of Office 365 that increase all the required business-like communication, collaboration, and productivity functions. Suppose you have not used Microsoft 365 till now. In that case, you can purchase any subscription plan and use Kernel Office 365 migration software that will allow you to migrate your current business data to Office 365 account easily.